Disgraceful MH17 video gone, copy remains

Taken down from YouTube

Taken down from YouTube

The video by Malaysia Gazette showing the disgraceful behaviour of its journalist at the MH17 crash site has been removed from YouTube. It was taken down some time after the posting here last night, and Facebook postings by other journalists.

Also removed: a Facebook posting by Malaysia Gazette with a link to the video, taking with it a criticism by commenter Khaled Radzaif, who had said:

Sepatutnya kamu tak boleh sentuh daging mangsa dgn kayu, pijak bangkai pesawat semata2 utk kamera. Etika kewartawanan kamu kat mana?

But a copy of the video was also published at YouTube yesterday, by someone going by the name “Uitm vid”, using the Malaysia Gazette logo for a profile photo.

Different name, Malaysia Gazette logo

Different name, Malaysia Gazette logo

That sparked another critical comment. YouTube viewer Julie Bakar said:
[Tak] patut jika tahu itu tulang/rangka mangsa mahas. Pls show some respect.

Criticism of the Malaysia Gazette video copy


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