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Chinese press editors slam YSLM ‘insult’

Fri 2014-Aug-1 @ +08 15:30:00 pm

Editors of the Chinese-language press have criticised the controversial multi-level marketing company YSLM for blocking and verbally abusing journalists at their press conference two days ago, Rakyat Post reports.

YSLM was founded by Zhang Jian, the so-called “world’s future richest man”.

The editors, in a statement by the Chinese-medium Editors’ Association, described YSLM’s actions as “barbaric”, and criticised YSLM’s media officer for her remarks. Lai had lamented the negative media coverage of YSLM, and accused the media of submitting videos and photos to an anti-pyramid-scheme Facebook page.

from Rakyat Post
“The organiser seated the Chinese media in the front row, and when journalists who felt uneasy with Lai’s lashback wanted to leave the venue, the organiser has blocked the exit,” the association said in a statement.

“The media is merely doing their job by extending coverage into YSLM, due to its suspicious activities in Malaysia. It is done in the interest of the public, to educate them, so that they will not be easily trapped into believing scams which promises to give out BMWs.

“It is the obligation of every journalists to try and dig for the truth. They are also educating the readers as to the existing financial frauds which exist in the society.”
The association also urged authorities to investigate YSLM for conducting illegal direct sale activities and execute necessary lawful action.

“If YSLM is operating legally, they can then explain and prove it to the public themselves, but if they are trying to use intimidating means to threaten the public, journalists are obligated to expose this dirty tactics.”

Media members condemn controversial YSLM for insulting journalists


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