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Gaza demo haram – Saudi mufti

Tue 2014-Aug-5 @ MYT 10:32:11 am
Demagoguery does not work. It is just an exaggeration

Abdul Aziz Al Ash-Sheikh
Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia


“Useless demagogic actions” – that’s what the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia says about demonstrations in support of Palestinians. He declared them haram, the second such fatwa in a week, according to a Moroccan report.

Abdul Aziz Al Ash-Sheikh urged Saudi citizens to give money, instead of organising marches: demonstrations “are just useless demagogic actions, that won’t help Palestinians”, he said. “Demagoguery does not work. It is just an exaggeration.” » Fatwa against Solidarity Marches with Gaza

Earlier in the week another cleric, Sheikh Saleh Al-Luhaidan, a Member of the Council of Senior Scholars, had issued a fatwa against such demonstrations, saying these marches lead to “acts of chaos and sabotage” and urged people to pray for Palestine instead.

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