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Source lied – WashPost yanks 2,000 words

Thu 2014-Aug-7 @ +08 00:22:18 am

The Washington Post

Someone lied to the Washington PostAfter a source admitted making up stories he told a Washington Post reporter, the paper pulled out about 2,000 words yesterday from a lengthy feature article analysing an HIV epidemic among blacks in Atlanta that was published on Monday.

An editor’s note now sits at the top of the online article:

Editor’s note: Several passages have been removed from this story because the source of those passages, Mickyel Bradford, has admitted to fabricating them.

Among the deletions: descriptions of a lunch and a ball that that the claimed claimed to have attended with another man: “neither of those events occurred as described”, the note says. All passages concerning the two men were removed.

Mediaite says the paper was contacted by someone who contradicted what was recounted in the article and the source admitted having cooked up the story.

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