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But what if Anwar had won in Kajang?

Mon 2014-Aug-18 @ MYT 05:30:54 am

Well, as most of you know, Anwar Ibrahim didn’t even stand for election in Kajang — the very reason for “the Kajang Move” strategy — because a court decision against him in his sodomy case ruled it out.

His wife Wan Azizah contested and won. But what if Anwar had been the candidate as originally planned? Would events have led to an uproar and public squabbling in Selangor after the by-election?

In January, a reader of Free Malaysia Today tried to predict what would happen. So, just for fun, let’s have a look at what he said eight months ago, and see how much of the future he was able to foresee. (I take the liberty of assuming the reader is a man.) In his emailed letter to FMT, Jeg Hui wrote:

  • Anwar wins Kajang and motion of no confidence will be tabled by one of the ADUNs from PKR, probably by Azmin himself if not his proxy. PAS will abstain from voting instead of voting for or against.
  • Motion to remove Khalid approved and Khalid steps down. Anwar will be fielded as the candidate for Menteri Besar. DAP agrees to his candidacy.
  • The Sultan will be displeased by this but he would feel the need to punish PKR and Anwar by waiting until the very last minute to reject Anwar as Menteri Besar, his prerogative as the Sultan of Selangor.
  • Knowing this, PAS will then drop the bombshell by announcing that they would severe its ties with Pakatan Rakyat to go for “better opportunity” with BN.
  • Another bombshell will be dropped, this time from Khalid Ibrahim himself plus another PKR ADUN who immediately join Umno.
  • Selangor falls to BN-PAS coalition. Federal gets stronger as well with BN-PAS.
  • The Sultan accepts the Menteri Besar who will come from PAS. Khalid would play a pivotal role as the Economic Advisor, yes, something like what Anwar Ibrahim is right now.

Well, what do you think? Was he close to what has happened so far?

» He called it the Kacang Move: Read the letter in full

  1. Nick Lee permalink
    Mon 2014-Aug-18 @ MYT 09:08:05 am 09:08

    Not likely. PAS knows very well even now with Wan Azizah at the helm as MB, it is effectively the same as having DSAI as MB also.

    If they cant work with DSAI as MB, surely they cant accept Azizah as MB.

    So, by virtue of their council accepting Wan Azizah now as MB, I think they would have accepted DSAI as MB also had he run and won in Kajang.

    In other words, put simply, PAS punya hatred for UMNO is still greater than their hatred of DSAI.

  2. Shadaan permalink
    Tue 2014-Aug-19 @ MYT 01:28:45 am 01:28

    PAS will not survive if they go into a coalition as a BN component party. Due to long rivalry and past enmity UMNO will eventually make them irrelevant.. UMNO is like a big bully party they will make you irrelevant once you join them, you do not become a partner with them but a part of them and they will make you irrelevant and you will loose public trust. Look at all the component parties of BN, all dead or dying. This is the reason PAS will have to go long with the opposition group simply for their own survival. It is true that PAS is a flip flop party always looking for opportunity to go to the top and that is why PAS cannot be trusted, thy have the UMNO mentality with with no Idelogy of their own but of an ancient religion that r.

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