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Peace work, or so they say

Sat 2014-Aug-23 @ MYT 00:00:52 am

With the compliements of
the fuglies of Bukit Aman and
police training college, Gurney

This week’s KAL cartoon

By courtesy of the Economist

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  1. Shadaan permalink
    Sun 2014-Aug-24 @ MYT 11:08:03 am 11:08

    The police force in the world are never short of racist and bigots. On the other hand the there are bout 400 million private owned guns and we are not short of Americans calling strongly to continue to legalise guns. Most police forces in Asia the most of the rest of the world including Malaysia are either corrupted or inefficient. Humans are naturally evil and troublesome and still seriously claim they are part of a good god and are good themselves.

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