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After Khalid — a ‘coup’ in Putrajaya?

Sun 2014-Aug-24 @ MYT 09:35:00 am


Questions that arise from the Khalid Ibrahim issue

  • Is Anwar Ibrahim the ‘democracy icon’ as painted by western media?
  • Is he a democrat or a revolutionary, a coup-maker and toppler of governments?
  • If Pakatan stands for rule of law, why do they keep trying to bend the rules?
  • Do political parties believe they actually own the government?
  • How much money is riding on this? Which business patrons are behind Pakatan?
  • Why go outside the democratically-elected state assembly to decide a government matter?
  • Is the Speaker of the state assembly only a macai of the party?
  • Are state Exco members also party tools, taking orders from party leaders?
  • Are party elections more important than general elections?
  • Since all those ways are the Barisan’s way, do the people really need Anwar or Pakatan?

Nothing happened!

On the eve of Sept 16 - rallying the crowds

Is Khalid’s ouster a step towards a ‘coup’ in Putrajaya?

Condensed and adapted from The Curse of ‘916’ published at The Ant Daily.

2008: Anwar says 'We have the numbers'

2008: Anwar says it

The Khalid Ibrahim issue in Selangor has been an exercise in futility, of one political party attempting to oust a head of government through closed-door dealings. So far, that is. The party might still get away with it. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, PKR and allies, might still succeed in changing the power equation, to impose the will of a party over a state.

It is in Anwar’s interest to replace Khalid without a vote; if he succeeds, it will re-establish his image of revolutionary and coup maker, tarnished by the “916” debacle when he failed to oust the federal government in 2008 through declarations and a direct appeal to the palace.

Despite insisting that “I have the numbers”, it did not come off. Instead, “916” returned to slap Anwar in the face. Where he had failed, his rival Najib Razak succeeded in 2009, using Anwar’s own method against him to the Pakatan-backed government of Perak.

Now, any cabal of people, representing unknown interests, acting in secret outside the elected house of representatives, can persuade wakil rakyat to change sides and, by presenting signed declarations, ask a ruler to change a government.

It worked in Perak. It might still work in Selangor. Would it also work in Putrajaya later?

14 Aug 2014
Wan Azizah says it: We have the numbers

With Perak and Selangor as precedents it is possible to imagine someone presenting Istana Negara with signed declarations and asking for a change of government.

Anwar and Pakatan tried that in 2008 and failed. If they now manage to change the federal government this way he would finally lay the ghost of “916” and could declare himself a coup maker and toppler of governments. A revolutionary.

But what if, once again, it is someone else who attempts it and succeeds?

Either way, it will come at the cost of the people being ignored; make a mockery of state assemblies and Parliament as houses of wakil rakyat; and place political parties and their leaders at the apex of the power structure.

Party Power will then triumph over People Power. Is that still the democratic way?

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  1. Shadaan permalink
    Sun 2014-Aug-24 @ MYT 10:53:03 am 10:53

    Politician are power hungry and must be changed to keep tabs on them. The most difficult choice a politician must ever make is whether to be a hypocrite or a liar or even both. Most in Malaysia are sunk into corruption and bigotry. in this case they are scrambling for power and position placing their own choices to the position of CM, thus changing the power equation for their own benefits. They will rule the richest state and it finances. make a guess what s coming?

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