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Kudos to KJ: keep party and govt separate

Mon 2014-Aug-25 @ MYT 16:21:08 pm

We have to respect civil servants as professionals. Some think that civil servants must support our party, that if they don’t support the party, they should not be allowed to progress in their profession …that is unfair to the civil servants.
Federal minister and Umno Youth leader

Democracy is practised every day, not just once in five years at election time, in many different ways. Khairy Jamaluddin’s remark is one of those ways: to show respect for the power of the people, and respect for institutions such as independent courts and an independent civil service.

Democracy in practice shows respect for the rights of the people, over and above the interests of the party.

That has not been the case in Umno’s practice of democracy, and Khairy is going against the grain in his remarks. For Umno, the party is everything, since 1969 when the Young Turks of Umno rose against Tunku Abdul Rahman, demanding to know: does the party rule the government or does the government rule the party?

After forcing the Tunku out, Umno spread its tentacles through every institution of government to the extent that Malaysia today is very much a one-party state, like communist China, where the party dictactes to the government.

Khairy’s statement of belief should be welcomed, emulated, and practised throughout the federal and state governments. To restore proper democratic practices, we must restore the separation between party and government that Umno itself destroyed.

We must reject the old and say: No, the party is not the government.

Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor should take heed.

If only other politicians in Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional similarly showed a willingness to accept and to practise a people’s democracy, we might all begin to get somewhere.

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    wow, looks like he’s the first one to make such remark eh?

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