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No concern about police attacking journos?

Wed 2014-Sep-3 @ +08 09:00:37 am

The IGP: bully or protector?

The IGP: bully or protector?

Even the police chimed in to offer press photographers sympathy after an NST photographer was punched on Tuesday. The Inspector-General himself urged family members to show restraint — at the prompting of a senior reporter, on behalf of others, who told him even a small comment would do: he did so straight away.

And he urged the media also to show restraint and not press family members for comment.

Wow. But where the hell was this so-sympathetic show of understanding from Bukit Aman in 2012? When the police were ordered to attack the press to prevent coverage of the massive Bersih public rally?

The current IGP, Khalid Abu Bakar, was notably silent at the time. He was deputy inspector-general then. Did he say even one word of regret that a dozen photographers and reporters were attacked — by policemen who took off their name tags — while covering the Bersih rally near Merdeka Square?

It was a public event. The press were doing their duty. The government wanted to play down Bersih. The police wanted to stop them showing police brutality. The police were willing to use force against the press.

On whose side was Khalid Abu Bakar then?

Messages between reporter and IGP

Messages between reporter and IGP

UPDATE Screenshot sent by a reporter this morning showing text messages between a senior journalist and the IGP.

But on Tuesday the IGP was quick to show concern when one NST photographer was punched and an Utusan Malaysia photographer almost attacked.

To this day, not a single policeman involved has been brought to book, despite testimony by journalists to the Human Rights Commission.

Where was his concern in 2012?

A dozen of us were attacked — by policeman — while we were on duty at a public event and on a matter of great public concern.

What action or sympathy did he offer at the time?

Khalid Abu Bakar, while he was Selangor CPO, was quick to defend his own policemen when accusations were made of a death in custody, and when a schoolboy was shot dead by a policeman. Khalid claimed the boy was a gangster. Khalid claimed that police found a parang in the car.

This magical parang has been a standard feature almost every time there has been a shooting. At the end of a press conference, or towards the end of a press report, there is always the line “A parang was found in the car” or “A parang was found at the scene.” True? Or a lie made to cover up god knows what?

No crime reporter has ever challenged that statement.

OCPDs and IOs have always got away with it, for donkey’s years.

When Khalid Abu Bakar, as Selangor CPO, showed not a drop of concern for the feelings of the family of a schoolboy and made vile accusations against him, or the family of someone who died in police custody, it is obvious what choice he made, between protecting his own men and protecting the truth.

Is there any substance now to his public show of concern for the press on duty? At the prompting of a senior journalist he urged the press not to put too much pressure on the families, while urging the families to show restraint.

Hypocrisy, much?

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