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Perkasa and friends attack Mkini journo

Wed 2014-Sep-3 @ +08 09:42:30 am
Malaysiakini interviews exco manRakyat Post gloats about attack on Mkini

Penang’s ultra-Malay rightists groups, viewed as subcontractors to Umno, have launched another attack on Malaysiakini and its Penang assistant editor — surprisingly played up by the Rakyat Post last night — for what they claim to be another one of the so-called famous Malaysian “insults”, this time apparently insulting the police.

The rightist mob accuse Malaysiakini and reporter Susan Loone of defaming the police by creating a negative image of the force in an interview with a state executive councillor who was one of those arrested in connection with PPS, the state-run volunteer patrol unit.

More astonishingly, the groups’ spokesman was quoted by Rakyat Post as saying they are willing to engage a lawyer to sue Malaysiakini and Susan — on behalf of the police

Has the police force sunk so low to the depths of depravity that they now depend on a bunch of bottom-feeding publicity-seekers to “defend” them?

They also threw in the Sedition Act for good measure, and since the police have been going after a bunch of opposition politicians, they must have thought they were on to a good thing.

If anything, the frivolous citing of the Sedition Act by bigots such as these, not to mention its use by the police against anyone with a critical mind, is already good enough reason to call for its abolition.

Susan Loone’s report was based on a 1.30am interview with the executive councillor who related what had gone on after his arrest, and in which he included some background about the unit. He said he had been treated like a criminal and yet had a kind word for the police.

There was nothing exceptional about the report, merely a straight-forward account of what he had said.

But the one-sided Rakyat Post report last night, by its Penang reporter Zalinah Noordin, nonchalantly regurgitates the Perkasa remarks, without apparently having sought Malaysiakini’s comments on allegations such as Susan Loone being behind PPS, and that Malaysiakini were an “extremist” group — a description that better fits the racism shown by Perkasa and allies.

Rakyat Post, which claims to be even-handed and non-partisan, was the only site* to have reported on Perkasa’s threats. Was it some kind of payback for having missed the story, or pandering to the police and Umno?

Update: Malaysiakini this morning also reported on the story.

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  1. Shadaan permalink
    Fri 2014-Sep-5 @ +08 03:21:57 am 03:21

    What do you expect from a racist organization who advocates a racial definition of national identity. similar to the white nationalist in Australia. These people are trouble causes who could spell disaster wherever they operate. Maybe they want to set up a caliphate in Malaysia, they may be getting advise from ISIS or BOKO HARAM.

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