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Alyaa selected for press fellowship

Thu 2014-Sep-4 @ MYT 09:45:58 am

Alyaa Alhadjri of The Ant Daily has been selected to take part in a South East Asian press programme on investigative journalism, to be held in the Philippines in October-November. South East Asia Press Alliance

Alyaa, 27, the sole Malaysian, joins three journalists from Burma and two from Indonesia who will spend two weeks in the Philippines to prepare and write stories on the topic of journalistic killings in that country.

The Philippines is one of the most dangerous countries for journalism, Seapa noted.

Five years ago, at least 34 journalists were killed in a massacre at the town of Ampatuan in a political feud; the Seapa programme is part of worldwide efforts to end journalistic killings and impunity.

The six journalists were selected based on story proposals sent in by 30 candidates from member countries of the South East Asia Press Alliance (Seapa).

This year’s Seapa fellowship programme coincides with the United Nations’ inaugural International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists. It will end with a commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the Ampatuan Massacre, the most horrific incident of killing of journalists in history. Seapa’s 2014 Fellowship programme is funded by the Open Society Foundation.

Alyaa, a journalism graduate of Taylor’s college, hopes to learn more about journalism in the Philippines and hopes to make regional contacts that will help her growth in journalism.

The experience will come in useful for her activities in Geramm, a media activist group of mostly online journalists that came about after the Heat weekly was suspended.

Her essay for Seapa was based on the loss of journalistic jobs through corporate changes in the media industry in Malaysia.

In the past two years, The Ant Daily, Focus Malaysia, the Heat, Digital News Asia, and the Rakyat Post started up; journalists walked out of Free Malaysia Today; was closed; Malaysian Insider taken over by the Edge group; Malay Mail Online started with former Insider staff; and the Nut Graph closed after two years in suspended animation. The Heat was suspended by the government, then revived, and now faces closure.

Alyaa joined the Sun in 2009 and left a year ago to join The Ant Daily, an online news and commentary site.

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  1. Shadaan permalink
    Fri 2014-Sep-5 @ MYT 02:33:05 am 02:33

    The catholic church forbids family planning and the population is exploding and this country cannot feed it citizens. Killing journalist is one of their specialty and the other issues include corruption and violence. The catholic religion is selfish wanting the population to increase because somehow instead of the church leaders or the corrupted politicians an imaginary God will feed them. These people are so conditioned by the church, they live in box and are unable to think any more. Wanting more children is being selfish, people just want their gene to continue or their kids to look after them in their old age, the more the merrier. it ,is a difficult and sad world, pain and suffering is the norm. Why have children and leave them to suffer in this world? Today they are killing journalist in large numbers tomorrow there will be either civil war or war with a neighbor.

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