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Can PDRM be like heroes, not like crooks?

Thu 2014-Sep-4 @ MYT 08:33:38 am
They asked me all sorts of questions, snapped my photographs and took my fingerprints, just as they would do to a criminal. I do not blame the police, they were very nice to me.
They are victims of circumstances. But so am I – I am also a victim of circumstances
executive councillor
quoted in Malaysiakini

If it’s not bad enough that a small bunch of Malay rights extremists have been allowed to bully journalists, there are also policemen who seem to think they become heroes by bullying journalists.

The threat by Penang police to carry out a sedition investigation of Malaysiakini and its correspondent Susan Loone is pure bullying, by taking the side of racial extremists and bigots against fair professional journalism.

Malaysiakini had quoted a senior politician who felt angry that he had been treated like a criminal. The report was straight-forward and factual. Did Phee Boon Poh say those words or not? Did Malaysiakini invent anything? Did Malaysiakini twist any words? Are not criminals also fingerprinted, have their photos taken, and asked all kinds of questions? Is that not a fact?

Complaining about Mkini

So why is Penang CPO Abdul Rahim Hanafi threatening Malaysiakini with sedition, one of the most serious crimes on the books? Is it because he wants to look like a hero to Malay rights extremists who cannot face the facts about the kind of filth they are?

A policeman who wants to look like a hero in the eyes of the public should behave like one. Be fair, impartial, a protector of all, one who understands and believes in the spirit as well as the letter of the law, one who honours his uniform and his badge.

Be a man. Not a worm.

A hero does not pick on the weak and the defenceless, or act against a journalist behaving profesionally and ethically. Only a cheap thug would. Strangely, the police have accused Penang’s volunteer force of being riddled with thugs. Shouldn’t the police force investigate themselves and boot out those with a thuggish mentality, and those who are actual crooks?

Can you spot the difference?

Can you spot the difference?

Has Rahim Hanafi now become a big hero in the eyes of bigots and extremists? Is that the police route to promotion, to favour the filth, the bottom-feeding pond scum of racial extremism and bigotry within Perkasa and allies? They even offered to pay for a lawyer so that they could sue Malaysiakini and Susan Loone, on behalf of the police. How much lower can the police force sink?

An offer from pond filth

An offer from pond filth to protect their defenders

Go back to school, CPO

Rahim Hanafi also tried to give journalists a lesson on ethics by saying that “Journalists should be mindful of their reporting and always stick to journalism ethics in reporting and not twist facts.” Ha ha ha. Can he tell the difference between journalistic facts and police salesmanship?

First he should take a few classes from the many excellent journalism teachers at our excellent universities and learn that it is not the job of the journalist to make a policeman look good; that a journalist who writes fairly, impartially and truthfully is doing his job professionally and ethically.

Then he should learn the difference between an honest, professional, impartial and ethical policeman and one who behaves like a thug championed by extremists and bigots.

Are these heroes? Defenders of the weak?

Jalan Raja, Kuala Lumpur, April 2012. Are these heroes?

Rahim Hanafi might learn that good professional journalism seeks the truth and is willing to describe the foul stench and rotting corruption, but advertising and public relations will hide the truth and make bad products look and smell good.

Professional and ethical journalists are not salesmen. They do not try to make bad policemen, bad politicians, crooks, and extremists and bigots look like heroes.

Professional and ethical journalists are not arse-lickers.

Perhaps the CPO has spent too much time with such arse-licking filth, and not enough time with journalists who live by their code of honour.

Does the CPO and the police force still know the difference between a hero and a cheap thug, a man and a worm?

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  1. Shadaan permalink
    Fri 2014-Sep-5 @ MYT 03:00:04 am 03:00

    The Government, public servants and the police are bullying journalists. The impression you get from the the above information. If we have a free press and yes the government needs to be held to account. The media should take a hard look at the way they often conduct themselves. They often report a comment from a politician out of context and blow it up into a story of its own. One habit with the media repeating offensive news over and over again to achieved maximum impact by offending as many people as possible. I still support the journalist because without their input most governments destroy the nation. ISIS is killing the journalist in a most cruel and a barbaric manner. It look like their God is commanding them to act with absolute cruelty, I hope this is not Islam ?

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