Geramm condemns arrest of Susan Loone

Press statement by Gerakan Media Marah

Gerakan Media Marah (GERAMM) strongly condemns the arrest of Malaysiakini journalist Susan Loone under the Sedition Act 1948 as it goes against the basic right to freedom of the press.

The arrest by authorities is unwarranted as the journalist is only reporting based on an interview with an individual.

Any mistake in the report can be corrected or addressed through exercising the aggrieved party’s right of reply.

The arrest, on the other hand, is seen as an attempt at intimidating journalists who are merely doing their jobs.

What more the arrest is made merely hours after Susan had cooperated with the police by giving her statement over investigations into controversies surrounding the Voluntary Patrol Unit.

GERAMM is also concerned over potential political interventions into Susan’s arrest as the PPS issue is one that affects the interests of two opposing parties.

This incident is seen as a repeat of the arrest made against Sin Chew’s journalist Tan Hoon Cheng under the Internal Security Act on Sept 12, 2008.

The government at that time had given the illogical excuse of trying to ‘protect the journalist’s safety’ by arresting her.

Will the same excuse be used again in Susan’s case?

Geramm is a loose coalition of journalists, media representatives and activists who are fighting for freedom of the press and its practitioners.


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