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Sedition – sense or nonsense? [video]

Fri 2014-Sep-19 @ +08 08:35:21 am

Al Jazeera’s Stream catches the drift

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  1. Shadaan permalink
    Sun 2014-Sep-21 @ +08 11:21:06 am 11:21

    The government of Malaysia have been playing divisive politics, dividing the population and playing racist politics. The PM seem powerless and silent about all that is going on. He seem to have lost his ability to act on what he says possibly due to pressure within the ruling party. The citizens want answers and the government uses a ridiculous 1948 law to punish those who question the authorities. This law is used against those they dislike or those who opposes them. The ruling authorities are also guilty of passing seditious statements but they are somehow not charged, why the double standards? Isn’t it seditious to use the law unfairly
    against the citizen of the country?

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