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Young team to lead IoJ

Sun 2014-Sep-28 @ +08 09:56:29 am

A young team of journalists has been elected to lead the fledgling Institute of Journalists Malaysia, which was set up to be the professional body of journalists.

They were elected to the first Board of Governors, the Institute’s executive body, at the inaugural annual general meeting held at Commonwealth House, Kuala Lumpur.

More than 30 journalists and invited guests attended the annual general meeting.

Those elected:

Newspaper journalists

Lim Hui Ying, Tashny Sukumaran (alternate: Esther Chandran)

Broadcasting journalists

Amirul Ruslan, Leong Hon Yuen (alternate: vacant)

Online journalists
Boo Su-lyn, Joseph Sipalan (alternate: Alyaa Alhadjhri)

Periodical, freelance & other journalists

Teoh El Sen (alternate: Michelle Tam)

(Alternate members are stand-ins when elected members are unable to attend a Board meeting)

Board members are elected to three-year terms.

However, the Institute of Journalists has a rotating board election system, and the four of the seven on the inaugural Board will only serve one or two years each.

The IoJ’s rule specify that one-third of the first Board will retire after serving one year, another one-third after two years, and the remaining serve the full three-year term.

The board is expected to meet within a week to elect a chairman and to decide which of them will retire from the board after one year and two years.

  1. R. Nadeswaran permalink
    Mon 2014-Sep-29 @ +08 16:51:05 pm 16:51

    Good to see young faces taking charge. As one of the “oldies” who fought many battles, be assured of continued support for any just cause. Keep the flame burning and never allow it to flicker!!

  2. Hamilton Bacon permalink
    Tue 2014-Sep-30 @ +08 11:49:46 am 11:49

    It’s a wise move to pass the baton early while there are still experienced journalists around to serve as mentors.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Fri 2014-Oct-3 @ +08 16:54:13 pm 16:54

      Good point. One thing though, how much can they who worked in a one party system pass on to those in a more fluid situation or in a multi party system?

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