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To Umno with love from Archie Bunker

Fri 2014-Nov-28 @ MYT 17:41:39 pm
Race pride? What's that? Only Umno knows

In honour of Race Pride — the Convention
currently being performed at Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur

  1. Shadaan permalink
    Mon 2014-Dec-1 @ MYT 04:30:04 am 04:30

    By themselves children do not care whoever they play with or what race or religion their mates belongs to. This is who I was when I was a kid. It is the influence of older people, of the social structure, religion and politics in the case of Malaysia that intruded into their minds. This is what the politicians and religious leaders are doing to the Malaysian society. They spread this hatred and division and leave this society in chaos and conflict. It looks like they are not interested in a stable Malaysia but would rather leave this county in chaos, division and hatred amongst the populace. Why should the people of Malaysia choose these people as their leaders and why allow them the power to destroy and abuse the fabric of a stable society? These leaders have no direction, are confused, uncertain, insecure, and find a solution from the past. They go back to our own traditions, like the bigoted and the narrow minded fundamentalism of Islam that preaches superficial things, rather than fundamental realities of life. Is society not supposed to think together, instead of one race forcing their fundamentalism on the others. Inspite of all this morality they claim, they are corrupted and insincere to the core.

  2. Wed 2014-Dec-3 @ MYT 20:33:49 pm 20:33

    I knew I would see the same old things being `rephrased and rehashed’ so we had the chance for kids to have their time watching their favourite cartoons and DVDs.
    In fact they were upset when all channels featured UGA.
    Thank goodness for sanity after all was over!
    Did anyone miss anything interesting? Am afraid nothing worth mentioning
    Just waiting for UMNO’s demise GE14.
    There was even a massive woman wanting UMNO IT and Cybertrooper to `protect her from Nasty People!’
    Then the `haramjadah, bangang’ PM made my day! Ola, welcome to expletives from a former BANGSAwan turnover to `BANGSAT one!’
    Guess that would release all his pent up agony and desperation. His father lasted 5 years in office. We will see him out well before GE14.
    Wait for the liberation of the Rakyat when Oil go US$40/ per barrel!

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