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Christmas greetings to Isma and all Umno-backed racist bigots

Thu 2014-Dec-25 @ MYT 10:32:27 am

condensed from an opinion piece by Scott Ng at Free Malaysia Today

The people at ISMA are absolutely right when they say that they have a right not to wish anyone a “Merry Christmas”. After all, Christmas isn’t central to any facet of their culture or beliefs…In fact, no Christian would go out of his way to expect one of Malaysia’s far-right groups to wish him a merry anything, given the protestations we’ve heard throughout the year from ISMA.

However, that’s not what we ask for from ISMA. All we want is the right to celebrate peacefully, without controversy, probably for the first time this year. All we want is to meet some friends, whether at home or at a restaurant, and maybe exchange gifts. Perhaps even have a drink or two to celebrate getting through another year together, still going strong.

It’s about going to church early in the morning to be reminded that even if we don’t love ourselves, there is a Creator who does, and that all hardships we endure eventually will seem small in hindsight. It’s a time for forgiveness. So, on behalf of all Christians, I’d like to say to ISMA, we forgive you. You may hurt our feelings and belittle our beliefs. You may make us disheartened and feel as if we are being crushed even as we go about and live life in our own little ways. But our faith is predicated on the idea of unconditional forgiveness, even towards our enemies, and in that self-same spirit, we wish you the very best of the seasons greetings.

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” – Luke 2:14

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  1. Shadaan permalink
    Thu 2014-Dec-25 @ MYT 13:33:13 pm 13:33

    We as humans have the right to have an opinion about anything or other religions. This does not make us right or give us the right to abuse this privilege. The problem here is ISMA makes an issue as a majority against a minority religion openly. With this kind of opinions they are being violent. The religious organization like ISMA, believe in something they believe may be totally unreal, the image which the mind has created, they believe in that and they are attached to that, and they want to either convert or trouble all the other ideologies as wrong and again this is violence. I don’t know what god is, nobody knows. I have a question can the Christian criticize Islam openly?

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