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Oh, the things they say at Christmas

Thu 2014-Dec-25 @ MYT 11:21:38 am
from a Malay old boy of St John’s Institution, Kuala Lumpur
Christmas is a day when Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. And it’s also a time when family and friends come together, to look back on the year that was with thanks, and to look forward to a new year with hope and good will. According to Najib Razak, there is such a thing as ChristmasIn Malaysia, we are blessed that different ethnicities, languages, and faiths live together as one. Our constitution guarantees the right of all Malaysians to practise their religion. I am proud of the peace and harmony that we have achieved since Merdeka. Regardless of our ethnicity, culture or religion, Malaysians respect each other’s religious festivals together in solidarity. This Christmas, let us once again come together in the spirit of harmony, acceptance and respect. And celebrate the diversity that makes Malaysia so exceptional.
MOHD NAJIB ABDUL RAZAK | Christmas message

Looking back – what have we done?

from a comment by Sandra John, Free Malaysia Today

Fatwas come in strong and fast with not a word from our prime minister to stem their debilitating effect on our freedoms. Pettiness of every kind is allowed, nay encouraged, as one radical group after another gets its pants in a knot over alcohol, dogs and Halloween. One particular academic, and I’m using the term here loosely, even suggests, in a flash of intellectual insight, that our planes tend to fall from the sky, killing everyone on board, simply because our flight attendants expose their arms and, horror of horrors, the hair on their heads. Good grief… if only he’d have told us earlier, think of the lives we would have saved.
And so this is Christmas…

The blessings of Allah upon all

from a press statement by Parti Keadilan Rakyat

KEADILAN berpegang kepada prinsip bahawa, keharmonian sebegini harus terus dipertahankan dengan sifat kerjasama dan toleran yang tinggi di kalangan kita semua. Menerusi Pakatan Rakyat, kita harus terus memupuk persefahaman dan kita harus diperingatkan bahawa dengan semangat persaudaraan yang tinggi, ia menjadi teras kepada keharmonian masyarakat.

Dengan cabaran yang begitu hebat melanda Negara … wujudnya penyelesaian kepada sebahagian tindakan yang menimbulkan keresahan dan ketegangan agama di antara kita.

KEADILAN berharap agar masyarakat Kristian, berusaha memelihara sensitiviti agama lain, manakala pihak yang berkuasa menyantuni mereka sebagaimana hak dan kebebasan beragama, sebagaimana yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Negara.

Oleh itu, saya berdoa agar Malaysia terus berada dalam keadaan aman dan harmoni, moga gerakan Islah semakin kuat dan rakyat Malaysia secara amnya, dilindungi dari segala musibah dan kesusahan oleh Allah SWT.
Wan Azizah Wan Ismail
President of Parti Keadilan Rakyat

Let humanity ring

from a press statement by the MP for Kluang
This season, let the common values of compassion and humanity ring through. Let not the discourse be dominated by hatred and discord. Let not voices of extremism drown out rationality and moderation.
Liew Chin Tong

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  1. Shadaan permalink
    Thu 2014-Dec-25 @ MYT 14:12:34 pm 14:12

    Instead of a escalating this into a crisis lets just get along. It seems strange that we cannot find a way of living in which there is no conflict, misery, confusion but a great abundance of love and consideration. We read books by religious people and theologians with their speculative ideas just divide us apart and makes us easily hate each other. We are supposed to be very mature and sophisticated especially leaders of politics and yet here we are, all confused about greeting each other or being nice.

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