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Govt foot hand eat salary make simple

Wed 2014-Dec-31 @ +08 22:20:33 pm

What Become With Government Foot Hand?

By John F Seademon
a former air force chappie who blogs from Penang
lifted from his blog » SeaDemon Says

What got SeaDemon so riled up

Morning just now I read article inside picture upstairs I sigh myself, “Mother grandfather! Why English language foot hand government appalling very?”

Who we want blaming? Try you answer that. Who we want blaming? Language Malaysia fighter? Answer its easy: LAZY. Yes! Foot hand government making portal this find road simple. Type inside Malaysia language and afterwards put inside Google Translate and press click. With simple work his complete.

Afterwards, they angry with people say they many fat and work steal bone. Morning come work, punch card, then coffee. 9.30 morning new enter office. 10 morning friend work come place his and invite go drink coffee. After drink coffee 11 morning new enter office. Look one two file then 12.15 middle day go out eat lunch. 2.15 evening new enter office then go for pray Zohor. 3 evening new enter office. 4 evening friend work invite go tea pull. 4.30 evening punch out go back. If foot hand government that already marriage, Thursday must go back early because Thursday Night Friday – must go surau read Yaasin. Actually no say wife want unity!

Remember when Mindef did a "poke-eye" job?

Remember when Mindef did a “poke-eye” job?*

Reason that citizen Malaysia no looking foot hand government with respect. Citizen Malaysia always angry with government foot hand reason they see foot hand government make work at time own, many fat, work steal bone, eat salary blind.

When leader foot hand angry foot hand say foot hand all many fat, foot hand write letter kite send to director say leader no good, work no good, no friendly, always bully foot hand.
This foot hand now. Some correct many fat and lazy. Pity foot hand making work correct. They become victim situation. Leader department must conserve worker good with ensure worker no good no get punishment like no rise salary, no rise rank. New foot hand good happy and giving service good.

Government must ensure rate service department government all good from foot hand rank low most until to foot hand senior. If no then we no become one country which productive and possess effort compete. Foot hand government must can speaking and writing inside language English so they can

Today Saturday (Dec 20) foot hand government no working. Therefore, I want go eat wind. Safe leave to all.

Selamat Tahun Baru 2015

kepada semua kakitangan-kakitangan
dan pekerja-pekerja yang makan gaji,
and to Malaysians everywhere
who still have a head on their shoulders


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  1. Shadaan permalink
    Sat 2015-Jan-3 @ +08 03:43:43 am 03:43

    The English Language was always there until it was pushed away. Politicians and religious leaders had no foresight of long term nation building and did not have a clue of what is good and necessary for the nation. We mostly remained silent becoming slaves to political excitement and to religious sentimentalism. We play with causes and effects and never go beyond them. Language and technology has no race or religion, it is there for all of u to use and exploit.

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