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  1. Well it s the problem of the mind, if one has a petty mind his free speech will be problematic and narrow. Governments and society usually places some limitations on the exercise of free speech for order. If we start saying what we like,remember we are all conditioned differently we cannot easily have a conversation or agree to disagree. Would hate speech also be allowed? The mass murder in Rwanda was inspired by a radio personality who went on broadcasting hate speech for over two days and this inspired the genocide. Even in the US first amendment which allow free speech th following is not included,
    Freedom of speech does not include the right:
    To incite actions that would harm others
    To make or distribute obscene materials.
    To burn draft cards as an anti-war protest.
    To permit students to print articles in a school newspaper over the objections of the school administration.
    Of students to make an obscene speech at a school-sponsored event.
    Of students to advocate illegal drug use at a school-sponsored event.
    The mind and the brain, must be free from all the influences from all the impositions of others on our minds and heart for gain and inciting trouble for us to be free before we become free to speak. Would people be allowed to pass racist remarks openly and leave the weak groups to be struggling with coping mechanisms like the Australian Aboriginals who have struggled for centuries coping in self destructive ways to save their dignity and self esteem. We all have to live and let live.

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