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Charlie Hebdo shows the finger

Thu 2015-Jan-8 @ +08 16:09:38 pm


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  1. Shadaan permalink
    Thu 2015-Jan-8 @ +08 23:12:00 pm 23:12

    The killers are prisoners of other peoples thinking processors. They are conditioned therefore act mechanically like senseless robots. After killing they are confused and are on the run. Why are their mentors not protecting them?. The French are going to hunt them down together with their friends and loved ones while they will be forgotten by their mentors. Their families loved one and friends will be tormented for a long time by the French authorised. Their names will be dragged by their mentor to be used to programme others like them. These calculating religious leaders are simply using and abusing your children, wake up and read the plot. All they got is the finger.

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