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Je Suis Charlie

Thu 2015-Jan-8 @ +08 11:07:43 am

David Pope

David Pope: Can’t sleep tonight, thoughts with my French cartooning colleagues, their families and loved ones #CharlieHebdo
Charlie Brown (Peanuts)

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  1. Shadaan permalink
    Thu 2015-Jan-8 @ +08 12:43:16 pm 12:43

    All ideologies are senseless, whether religious or political, for it is theoretical thinking. This intellect thinking has divided all of us and between us there is violence, chaos and hatred.
    Since we are divided there is no brotherhood, we only tolerate each other. Ideology is an impediment to make peace. Peace can only be when the illusion and confusion of ideology ceases. We are attached to the world of ideas and not to peace. We search for new social and political patterns and not for peace. Religion will compete with politicians for power instead of making peace since they represent their God. They preach that God is pure, good and the creator of the universe. When these groups are asked about the proof for the soundness of their religion or ideology, they flare up, get angry and spill the blood of whoever confronts them with this question. They forbid rational speculation, and strive to shut their opponents. Sanity means to be complete, stable, rational and Honest. To be insane is to be disturbed, irrational, unstable, and violent religious fanatics unfortunately fit the insane.

    Je suis Charlie

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