Zunar: Terrorism is unacceptable

Today’s Zunar cartoon, in tribute to Charlie Hebdo

By Zulkifli Anwar Ulhaque (“Zunar”)

I strongly condemn the killing of four cartoonists from the satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine. Acts of violence, barbarity and brutality are against Islamic teaching.

7th January should be declared as “World Cartoonist’s Day” to honour Stéphane Charbonnier, Cabu, Wolinski and Tignous.

My stand is clear – every cartoonist should be allowed to criticise parties through his/her cartoons. Any disagreement over the said cartoons should be responded in a civilized manner, i.e intellectual discourses, open debates and other civilized damage-control methods.

Even though we do not agree with the contents, we should respect the cartoonists’ rights to express their views.

Charlie Hebdo recently published a cartoon about an Islamic State leader. In 2011, they also published a series of cartoons about the Prophet Mohamed (pbuh).

In regards to Islamic content issues, as a Muslim myself, I would like to challenge the Muslim authorities around the world to work closer with cartoonists to produce cartoons that can show the true image of Islam – a religion of peace, tolerance and moderation.

Terror is unacceptable in civilized world.


Stéphane Charbonnier (“Charb”), cartoonist and editor, in September 2012 with the cover of Charlie Hebdo showing a Muslim in a wheelchair being pushed by an Orthodox Jew under the title Intouchables 2, referring to an award-winning French film about a poor black man who helps an aristocratic quadriplegic.


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  1. All religious ideologies are senseless, just measure this human thinking ideology. It cannot be from a creator God, if religion claims otherwise then this God must be insecure and petty. Look at the religious violence and insanity spreading around the world. You think it is just happening? It has been happening for centuries unchecked. We are just stuck with this idea and our petty minds are unable to move out. Living irrationally in a conditioning prison inside a large prison called Earth. Unfortunately our petty minds can only realise a petty God

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