IGP lives up to ‘Enemy of Human Rights’ label

Police chief (No. 3) and Umno-inspired hate brigade (No. 5)
take revenge by force for civil liberties lawyer’s words


Khalid Abu Bakar has got his own back on Eric Paulsen, by using brute force against Eric’s words, hand in hand with the Umno-inspired Malay-Muslim ultras whose extremist views and actions have raised the level of hate speech in the country with impunity.

Exactly a month after Eric listed Khalid as Human Rights Enemy No 3 and the hate brigade as No 5, the police chief and the hate brigade took their revenge.

Last night on Twitter, the Inspector-General of Police was behaving like a typical lowlife Umno cybertrooper (whose photomontages he had used on Twitter no doubt in solidarity with them).

He crowed about Eric being arrested, after having prepared the ground over the past couple of days by trying to justify the need for the Sedition Act — used against political critics but not against Malay-Muslim supremacists such as Utusan Malaysia editors who have inflamed race relations by always blaming others.

Late in the night, he bragged about Eric being put in remand. This morning, he retweeted snide remarks against Eric’s organisation Lawyers for Liberty, showing solidarity with louts.

Showing off a connection with the Saudis, who flogged a blogger in public

Raif Badawi flogged

Raif Badawi flogged

IGP stands by Saudi cop

IGP stands by Saudi cop

And as if to reinforce public perception of where he stands on Islamic issues, Khalid also showed off photos of himself with visiting head of police of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, which houses the Kaaba.

Saudi Arabia has imposed a punishment of 1,000 lashes on Raif Badawi, a blogger who set up a web site in 2008 to encourage debate on religious and political matters in Saudi Arabia.

Last Friday, Raif Badawi was flogged 50 times in public in front of a mosque in Jeddah, the first of 20 sessions.

Last Friday, IGP Khalid began the first of a series of tweets against Eric Paulsen.

On Sunday, he showed off on Twitter photos of himself with the Saudi policeman.

On Monday night, hours before an appointment with Bukit Aman, Eric was arrested. Twenty policemen turned up to arrest one unarmed civilian lawyer who had already agreed to turn up at federal police headquarters for an interview today.

What Eric Paulsen said about Khalid Bakar

Eric Paulsen's list of Top 5 enemies of human rights

Eric Paulsen’s list of human rights enemies

Khalid gets even more worked up than the Home Minister on petty issues like insults and postings on Twitter and Facebook. He has made sure that social media users and other individuals are charged for insults “provoking a breach of peace” and against “the modesty of a person”, including himself. He was seriously offended with a tweet calling him the “Henrich Himmler of Malaysia” and caused the Twitter user to be charged even though the hapless person quickly retracted the tweet and apologised.

The IGP, following a tradition set by previous IGPs, continued with the harassment and misuse of police powers against the opposition and dissidents with record numbers of politically motivated investigations and charges under the Sedition Act, Peaceful Assembly Act and Penal Code. Even as you are reading this (Dec 10), an absurd investigation is under way in Penang over a mysterious banner promoting a communist-inspired dinner purportedly supported by Pakatan Rakyat.

Meanwhile, thugs from Umno Youth or NGOs affiliated with Umno get a free hand to assault, threaten and intimidate their political adversaries with impunity.

Talking like a political Malay-Muslim supremacist

Khalid Abu Bakar’s words and deeds have shown where he stands on: he stands firmly next to the Malay-Muslim hate brigade who seek to impose and maintain Malay-Muslim and Umno supremacy and hegemony over multi-cultural Malaysia.

Brute force vs words.

Eric’s words, and those of many others, must have stung — words sting only if they are true.

Khalid and the police force have shown the truth to Eric’s words.

Like all cheap thugs and bullies — and the police have been no different — they turned to force because they have no answer. Or no balls to do the right thing for humanity.



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  1. Efficiency shows itself in behaviour and action. Looking into his actions this minister in my opinion is emotionally immature. He have chosen to bully in order to make his point. The law is made to treat all citizens equally, even he is not outside the law. Acceptance or denial does not alter a fact nor will reason bring about a necessary impact. Efficiency shows itself in behaviour and action and the public can judge this minister.

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