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Charlie Hebdo’s new cover says ‘All is forgiven’

Wed 2015-Jan-14 @ +08 05:14:01 am

A powerful and poignant cover with a message of love over barbarism

The satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo has returned to the newsstands with a print run of one million copies and a powerful and poignant cover that speaks of the power of love rising above the barbarity of hate.

A headline that says “All is forgiven” is run over a cartoon of a tearful Arab-looking man holding a placard that says Je Suis Charlie, the slogan that has been adopted by millions around the world in sympathy with the 12 cartoonists, journalists and police brutally murdered last week.

Charlie Hebdo: “All is forgiven”

The magazine said the figure portrayed the Prophet Muhammad, and headlines around the world focused on the theme of Charlie Hebdo’s defiance of Islamic radicals, for whom images of the Prophet are sacrilegeous.

Charlie Hebdo usually prints 60,000 copies of which 30,000 are sold. This week’s comeback issue has a print run of one million copies, and the magazine has readied plans for two million more if necessary. It will be available in 16 languages around the world.

Proceeds from the issue will go towards the survival of the magazine, which has been near bankruptcy in recent years.

‘Quran does not bar images of Prophet’

  1. Shadaan permalink
    Wed 2015-Jan-14 @ +08 13:33:29 pm 13:33

    I do not see anything so wrong with the picture of Prophet Mohammed. Nobody know how he really looks like and the pictures are not him. The muslims should stop being too vocal and emotional about their beliefs. They should stop calling persons of other religions inferior. We no doubt need to foster diversity and have conversations to resolve these kind of issues before they turn into sources of violence for our greater good. Muslims are not organised under a leader and how is one to go about to communicate with this group.


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