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Blogger Badawi too weak to face second 50 lashes

Fri 2015-Jan-16 @ MYT 22:26:58 pm

A rally in support of Rauf Badawi in The Hague. Deutchse Welle photo

Raif Badawi, a Saudi Arabian blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes, has not recovered sufficiently from the 50 lashes he suffered last week, causing Saudi authorities to postpone the second set of floggings, which were to take place at 50 lashes a week.

Severe criticism of the sentence has come from international human rights organisations such as Amnesty International, which said it amounted to cruel and unusual punishment.

Amnesty said the prison doctor did not allow today’s flogging to take place because the wounds from last week had not healed sufficiently and Badawi would not be able to withstand more.

A member of the Jordanian royal family, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, has appealed to the King of Saudi Arabia to pardon Badawi. He said the flogging was prohibited under international human rights law, “in particular the convention against torture, which Saudi Arabia has ratified”.

The Guardian

  1. Shadaan permalink
    Sat 2015-Jan-17 @ MYT 04:14:03 am 04:14

    Islamic law and behaviour is not in conjunction either to the current world view or the human rights law. The claim that Allah gave these laws which make Allah look unpleasant and cruel. They put the blame on this cruelty on Allah but themselves are also Violent, cruel, suspicious, envious and power corrupt . Is this the only way to have connections with Allah, by human cruelty? Look at ISIS they read th same Koran as the rest and their cruelty is obvious. Being religious is being a light to oneself and how can you be a light when compassion and at least empathy is absent. Maybe Islam has been betrayed by the cruel Arab desert traditions or it is a cult.

  2. Sun 2015-Jan-18 @ MYT 19:40:41 pm 19:40

    Were we not told that the caning was just a tap only?

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