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Milosuam sentenced to 2yrs jail

Mon 2015-Jan-19 @ MYT 18:22:11 pm

Pro-Pakatan Rakyat blogger ‘Milosuam’ (Yusuf Siddique Al-Suratman) was sentenced to two years’ jail under an incitement charge for publishing a supposedly “secret” police memo about a new Sulu incursion, months after a raid by 200 armed Sulu militants.

The sentence is the maximum for that offence. A stay of execution has been granted pending appeal.

Yusuf was charged in June 2013 for publishing an “internal police memo” that purportedly said the police to be preparing for the possibility of a new Sulu intrusion and warning of possible chaos to be caused by 1,500 foreigners in Kota Kinabalu and Tawau.

This came several months after the “Sulu incursion” when more than 200 Sulu militants, followers of a claimant to the Sultanate of Sulu, arrived by boat and seized a village in eastern Sabah. The militants were eventually routed by Malaysian security forces.

Two weeks ago, another blogger “SharpShooter” (Amizudin Ahmat, was sentenced to three months’ jail for contempt of court for articles against former information minister Rais Yatim, who had been implicated in various blogs of having raped his Indonesian maid.

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  1. Shadaan permalink
    Tue 2015-Jan-20 @ MYT 03:35:48 am 03:35

    Why was the secret memo leaked to the PKR blogger and the person who actually leaked the memo should also be charged if charges were made. However I am of the opinion that the charge was unreasonable and there is nothing secretive about the Sulus trying to make trouble for Sabah. The main reason the blogger was charged was because he is with the opposition and he is being threatened. This is also about making sure people remain compliant and controlled with what UMNO thinks is right. Fear is being instilled into the public, the bloggers and journalist so that they remain checked and controlled by UMNO.

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