Zam decides to shut up as Anwar-Daim fight

Zam says farewell to political blogging

Zainuddin Maidin, in a surprise announcement today, said he was giving up political blogging, hinting it might be because of accusations that he was part of a Daim-Mahathir conspiracy to topple Najib Razak.

“It is so easy to jump to conclusions,” Zam said. “If I have tea with Daim, at his invitation, and meet Mahathir with one or two friends, it is immediately seen to be that I am part of the conspiracy to topple Najib.”

Then Zam asked:

“In that case, can I also conclude that TV3 airing Anwar’s threat to expose Daim is a conspiracy between Anwar and Najib to help Najib stay in power?”

Umno-controlled TV3’s coverage of events relating to Daim also figured in a rare public statement from Daim last week, in which he said:

“TV3 which would not give two minutes of air time to Pakatan, has aired the PKR press conference no less than three times. The NST and Utusan have also carried these news.”

Najib has been facing mounting attacks from Mahathir and allies questioning his handling of the economy, and particularly focusing on 1MDB, the government-owned investment agency.

Pro-Najib forces recently launched a counter-attack, throwing the spotlight on Daim, who was once finance minister in Mahathir’s government, and who is accused of having amassed billions which he parked overseas.

Last week, Kadir Jasin, former chief editor of New Straits Times Press, warned off Pakatan Rakyat supporters, saying that the campaign against Daim might backfire on Anwar Ibrahim.


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  4. Anyway Najib needs to go, because of his failure to handle different forces that have destabilised the nation. He has done badly with the economy and has not shown any initiative as a leader with guts and prompt action. He says a lot of good stuff but is unable to take action, partly because of his the nationalist and religious forces that have become overwhelming. The other issue is the Mongolian saga which will stick to him as long as the public perception does not change.

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