Daim and Anwar ousted me as editor: Zam

Former Utusan Malaysia chief editor Zainuddin Maidin has accused former finance ministers Daim Zainuddin and Anwar Ibrahim of jointly ousting him from the Utusan editorship in 1993.

Defending his independence against accusations that he was a tool of political masters, Zam said he had never been a hack in his five decades in journalism. Zam said he had been loyal to Utusan and its policies on the party and the party leadership and had never served up fiction.

Zam: always loyal to Utusan, Umno and leaders
[Image: Malaysiakini]

“Daim and Anwar who were jointly responsible for ousting me as Utusan chief editor know my stance,” he said.

Long seen as a staunch Mahathir loyalist, Zam was “kicked upstairs” as editorial adviser in Utusan in 1992 when Anwar became deputy prime minister, and later to a corporate position. He was replaced by Anwar ally Johan Jaffar, who was in turn later ousted with Anwar’s downfall in 1998.

Zam then went on to enter politics under Mahathir as senator in 1998 and MP in 2004, later becoming a minister of information under Abdullah Badawi before defeat in the 2008 elections ended his political career.

Johan Jaafar after some years in the wilderness, is now chairman of Media Prima, the Umno-controlled owner of commercial television, New Straits Times and Berita Harian.


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