Fighting words by Zam: More stories to come

More stories to come, says Zam

It’s not over, says Zam




Zainuddin Maidin, stating his unwavering support of Mahathir Mohamad, has responded to critics and supporters with fighting words: he would continue writing though not on politics; more juicy stories would be coming; the methods would change but not the content.

Zam had yesterday he was giving up political blogging, in the midst of a running battle of words and nerves between supporters of Mahathir Mohamad and his campaign to unseat Najib Razak, and Najib’s allies, into which supporters of his rival Anwar Ibrahim have been drawn.

Critics had said yesterday Zam had been pressured by Najib supporters to shut up.

But the former Utusan Malaysia editor and information minister said today the battle would carry on, in different ways.

To reinforce his commitment, he said: “End the Dynasty!” reiterating Mahathir’s call last week, in what most people take to be a reference to Najib, son of Malaysia’s second prime minister: Mahathir himself coyly said he had never mentioned Najib by name, leaving it open to interpretation.

Zam’s announcement yesterday not to write about politics was seen by former law minister Zaid Ibrahim as abandoning Mahathir. Zam responded in a note at the top of his blog by stating he was with Mahathir through thick and thin. It was a debt of honour. The battle would carry on, but in different ways.

Zam to Zaid: It's not over

Zam to Zaid: It’s not over

To reinforce his commitment, he said: “End the Dynasty!” in a reply to a comment by blogger RockyBru (former Malay Mail editor Ahiruddin Atan).

In a poem written in response to one by former A Kadir Jasin, former chief editor of New Straits Times Press, Zam said: “I will continue to speak out. There are many forms of journalism. We will use other means, but the information will not change.”

Saya akan terus bersuara
Tidak hanya politik semasa membuka minda
pendekatan journalisme berbagai cara
hanya kita akan berlainan cara
tetapi matlamat tidak akan berbeza.

To journos: stay true

Zam had said yesterday that his only true friends in life were fellow journalists, not those in politics, government or other organisations and he urged journalists not to lose heart and to remain true to their profession. Self-respect was not found in sacks of money, he said.



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  1. Mahathir could just retire rather than create coups. However he has the opportunity becaue of Najib’s failure to govern the nation and the opposing forces are active

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