Sedition attack on Mariam Mokhtar by online apparel seller

More Umno bullying as attack squads and police show support

An online businessman who claims to be a social media activist has filed a sedition report against an article by political commentator Mariam Mokhtar, published at Free Malaysia Today on Friday.

Apparel seller and Umno thought police?

Apparel seller and Umno stooge?

The man, Zaparudin Abdul Rahim, who sells Korean apparel and knick-knacks with his wife, claims to be chairman of “Semut”, a so-called NGO or rather an acronym for an Umno-inspired harrassment group.

Support from Umno media

In what appeared to be a coordinated attack, he issued a media advisory early in the morning, then conducted a press conference that was attended by the pro-Umno Agenda Daily website, ntv7, and the Umno-controlled goverment media RTM and Bernama, among others – outside the police station in central Kuala Lumpur.

Relaxing later with the Special Branch

Facebook posting of complainant and Special Branch relaxing over refreshments

Facebook posting of complainant and Special Branch relaxing over refreshments

Soon after, he showed off a photo on Facebook of him having drinks and snacks with an inspector and policemen from Special Branch of Dang Wangi station.

He said:

Lepak minum, sembang dan bincang.. Bersama saya Inspektor, dan Unit Cawangan Khas.. IPD Dang Wangi,KL.. Nama terpaksa dirahsiakan.. Hehe..

Mungkin ada risiko yang saya akan hadapi lepas ni. Tapi takpe, itu cabaran dalam perjuangan.

Agenda Daily carried a story prominently almost immediately after Zaparudin had filed his report, with a large photo of the complainant holding copies of the report and the FMT article.

Zaparudin carried a link to the Agenda Daily report on his Facebook page, and a word of thanks to the Agenda Daily reporter, whom he referred to as “bro”.

Big play in pro-Umno attack site Agenda Daily

Big play in pro-Umno attack site Agenda Daily

Soon after, the report was carried on an Umno cybertrooper blog, which boasts of being a member of Unit Media Baru, the online attack squad whose patron and founding father is Umno Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin.

The blog also boasts of being a supporter of the police force, and features a police badge below an “Umno blogger” badge.

Zaparudin is described as chairman of “Semut” which apparently stands for “Sensible and Ethical Malaysian United Troopers” and which apparently “monitors social media”. Yesterday was the first time such this so-called “media monitor” had surfaced.

In other words, more than likely, just another bunch of Umno and police stooges bent on harrassing other Malaysian citizens.

» FMT’s report about the police report

» The Miriam Mokhtar article: Allah Ruling Reveals Malay Weakness

Zaparudin, activist or Korean apparel seller, claims that Mariam Mokhtar’s well-argued article was seditious because “I fear that more fomenters of hatred will emerge if the work of people like Mariam is not controlled”.

Fomenters of hate who go unpunished

Fomenters...cashing in on hate

Foment…cashing in on hate

Zaparudin is right about hate: but the fomenters of hate are those like him who emerge quickly, mostly Umno-inspired nobodies seeking or persuaded into their 15 seconds of fame, and then fade away, with the protection or support of elements of the police and other government agencies.

Zaparudin seems to be quite a personable family man, judging from his Facebook postings.

It is sad that Umno have turned him into a bully and a fomenter of hate.

The same goes for the wretched police force.

IGP Khalid – cybertrooper

But then, even the Inspector-General behaved like a cheap two-cent lout and Umno cybertrooper in his Twitter responses about Eric Paulsen recently.

When the IGP behaves like an Umno cybertrooper, is it any wonder that Special Branch had no objection to being seen having friendly drinks with someone willing to go out against an honest and professional political writer?

Umno, police and Special Branch are just bullies.

Today’s report against Miriam Mokhtar shows that, especially after a weekend when Umno-inspired rowdies spoke about “May 13” and “Harun Idris” and “Chinese domination” and other claptrap – without so much as a peep from anyone whose duty is to safeguard all citizens.

Bullies with no honour.

» IGP: She had better watch out or we will go after her

» Gobind: Don’t bully people who criticise

In case you noticed, Mariam Mokhtar’s name was given as Miriam Mokhtar yesterday. No offence was meant, but one has one’s reasons.



3 thoughts on “Sedition attack on Mariam Mokhtar by online apparel seller

  1. The topic of bullying has appeared on the news and blogs this past years. Ever since the UMNO and it visible and invisible aides have become nervous. Bully groups with full support from UMNO have become aggressive in the open . The appearance of these cases would appear to be bigotry fueled by ignorance. They often use race and religion and now they found the perfect bully law called sedition. We have become a nation of a one party that use dubious groups to harass other citizens.

  2. “What happened in Paris and what is currently being experienced by Malaysians is about a group of punitive people who have hijacked Malaysia to further their aims.. ”
    (excerpts from Mariam Mokhtar, Jan 23rd 2015).

    What a ISMA and PERKASA punitive(?) vs Paris murderers comparison, Sdr Mariam.
    You are nauzubi’Llah an Islamophobia follower of the twisted kind!

    Haji M Zin.
    Alor Gajah DPH.

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