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J.Low linked to anti-Tong smear, 1MDB attacks

Tue 2015-Feb-3 @ MYT 20:02:36 pm

• Edge links blogger ‘ahrily90’ to anti-Mahathir attack sites
• Who paid ‘ahrily90’ to attack critics of 1MDB, asks Edge
• Jho Loh, Mahathir & Sons, and the ahrily90 blog network

The Edge business weekly, broadly hinting that mystery man Jho Low had been behind a smear campaign against its publisher, said today that its coverage of the financial mess at government-owned investment company 1Malaysia Development Bhd, as well as attacks on 1MDB by Mahathir Mohamad and others, had sparked last week’s attack on Tong Kooi Ong as a ringgit speculator.

In an “exposé” article also carried by sister title Malaysian Insider, the business weekly said a network of attacks sites was linked to an anonymous blogger with the user name “ahrily90′; the Edge said the blogger had also used other pen-names such as “julijulipeh”, “Pen Jingga”, “saberarturia18”, and “rahmanirwan74”.

The Edge linked him to these blogs:

Anti-Mahathir blogs


An image carried by the attack blog, the Edge said

Mahathir Mohamad has been severely critical of 1MDB and has called for it to be closed, in what has been seen as a campaign to unseat prime minister Najib Razak in favour of his deputy Muhyiddeen Yassin — and in preparation for eventually moving his son Mukhriz, now menteri besar of Kedah, into the prime minister's seat.

Anti-Nazir Razak blogs

Cache image found by The Edge

Nazir Razak, brother of prime minister Najib Razak, is head of CIMB banking group and who has said that 1MDB’s massive RM48bn debts posed a risk to the entire banking system.

Pro-1MDB and Jho Loh blogs

The Edge said these blogs carried various articles which described J.Loh as a global investor and philanthropist, and praised 1MDB.

Jho Loh has been said to have funded the Barisan Nasional’s campaign of free dinners and lucky draws at BN ceramahs in Penang during the 2013 general election campaign, and was also said to have sponsored the Korean “Gangnam Style” rapper’s free public concert.

Cache image found by The Edge

The two blogs have since been deleted, but “ahrily90” also contributed articles to lowtaekjho.wordpress, which has also been deleted.

The Edge questioned who had paid blogger “ahrily90” for his writings.

It said ahrily90 had also attacked Daim Zainuddin, who recently said he knew who was behind the campaign of attacks in the Umno-owned media against him.

Tong Kooi Ong, publisher of The Edge and Malaysian Insider, has been the target of a massive smear campaign in the past week, with the anonymous blogger accusing him of having forced down the value of the ringgit through massive short-selling on the foreign exchange markets.

These smear were published at the blog.

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