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April’s Fool joke: No misuse of power, says govt

Wed 2015-Apr-1 @ MYT 15:08:25 pm

Shahidan makes empty promise. Good joke, Umno. Ptuii!

After decades of seeing Umno ministers blatantly use the law to keep themselves in power (and profit), and after weeks of arrests by policemen blatantly acting as Umno agents by beating up journalists and arresting them for doing their jobs, the government brazenly tried to pull off an April’s Fool joke today.

Shahidan Kassim, minister in the Prime Minister’s department, said the federal government will take necessary actions against any individual who are violating the country’s laws but will not misuse its powers to do so, Malay Mail Online reported in deadpan fashion. The government only intended to wield its powers to uphold law and order in the country and would not tolerate power abuse, he said. “But if there’s any misuse, we won’t allow any misuse. You don’t have to worry about that, no need to worry because we won’t misuse the existing powers, because we use these powers for the country’s law and order and prosperity.”

Hahahahahahah! He means Umno’s peace and prosperity of course. April’s Fool!

Typical Umno talk. Utter bollocks.

Here’s what Amnest International said today, after listing the 29 blatantly political arrests in three months: a common thread was the use of “vaguely worded laws to fit a particular – often politically motivated — purpose”. Amnesty International said it had “long expressed concerns about Malaysia’s oppressive laws and increasing concern over the use of existing laws to repress peaceful dissent. Such laws do not comply with international human rights law and contradict commitments made by the Malaysian authorities to the international community.”

» Vague laws used for political purposes

» What the minister said. (May make you throw up.)

The value of an Umno man’s promise? Zero. Zilch. Kosong.

  1. Shadaan permalink
    Wed 2015-Apr-1 @ MYT 21:10:38 pm 21:10

    Governments who use the existing laws to maintain order. They should also look at the existing laws if they can be manipulated to abuse citizens. These laws should equally apply to the governing elites?


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