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Be fair says the Edge, vowing to stand firm

Wed 2015-Apr-1 @ MYT 11:08:45 am

Arrests excessive and unnecessary

Edge Media Group has demanded the immediate release of Jahabar Sadiq and Ho Kay Tat and vowed to continue reporting without fear or favour, even as Malaysian Insider editor-in-chief and the publisher were being held by police.

In a statement yesterday, the group said the law should be enforced judiciously and reasonably.

“We have been fully cooperating with the police on this matter as well as on previous issues. The management has not obstructed the police or MCMC from doing their work although their visit at 5.30pm was at a crucial time for newsroom operations.

[Group CEO Ho Kay Tat and editor-in-chief Jahabar Sadiq] had presented themselves to the police voluntarily, believing that they were there for their statements to be recorded. All five executives [the other three were Lionel Morais, Amin Iskandar and Zulkifli Sulong] had been cooperating fully with the authorities and were prepared to make themselves available at all times, hence we view their arrests as excessive, unnecessary and inconsistent with the moderate policies promised by the present administration.

We believe there are many other avenues to address disputes, conflicts or inaccuracies in news reports without having to resort to criminal prosecution.”

» Today’s editorial by the Insider

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