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Jahabar freed: Don’t know why they arrested us

Wed 2015-Apr-1 @ MYT 15:33:42 pm

First things first: A shower, lunch and back to work

Jahabar Sadiq, freed on police bail after being kept overnight in the lock-up, left Dang Wangi police station at half past 12 today, and was all smiles upon spotting journalists camped outside, asking who would join him for lunch, the Star reported.

“I need a shower. I need lunch. I’m on the wrong side of the camera and microphone. I’d like to go back to being a journalist. Thank you,” he said before leaving. He said the police for kind to him and publisher Ho Kay Tat. “They took all our statements very professionally. I still don’t know why they arrested us under the Sedition Act.” No bail money was requested, he said, quipping he could now use the money to buy lunch.

Ho Kay Tat, chief executive and publisher of the Edge and Malaysian Insider, also said the police and MCMC officers had been “very good to us”.

“They just took our statement,” Ho told journalists from the window of his car, while police officers nearby shouted “jalan, jalan”.

Jahabar and Kay Tat were detained on Tuesday, a day after Insider editors Lionel Morais, Zulkifli Sulong and Amin Iskandar were arrested and detained overnight. Two subeditors and a reporter and two company executives were also questioned and their statements taken by police.

Last week the Insider reported that the Rulers’ Conference had rejected a proposed law to allow hudud crimina penalties to be imposed in Kelantan. The palace filed a police report, saying that the report was wrong, and Umno Youth filed a report with the internet regulator, the communications commission.

The Edge and the Insider have also run a series of investigative reports about the government-owned 1Malaysia Development Bhd, which has run up RM42bn in debts, the company’s questionable finances and investments, and its links to Penang wheeler-dealer Jho Low.

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  1. Mr Bojangles permalink
    Wed 2015-Apr-1 @ MYT 21:55:34 pm 21:55

    Don’t say that the police treated you guys well.Their bosses will make their lives miserable. After all their intention is to bully and treat honest folks like criminals. And professional behaviour by the cops does not fit into their scheme of things.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Fri 2015-Apr-3 @ MYT 10:28:38 am 10:28

      If I’m not wrong, it’s the done thing to say after one is released, to thank one’s oppressors. PDRM are very proud of their professional image, which of course is universally shared among the citizens of Malaysia who look up to PDRM as their loyal and friendly protectors from the brutish oppression of western colonialism. I’m sure you’ll agree.

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