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Editors’ arrests: Zahid ducks responsibility

Thu 2015-Apr-2 @ MYT 19:23:55 pm

All police action, ‘no political directive’ claim

Home minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, denying political reponsibility for the arrest and overnight detention of Malaysian Insider editors, said the police had been given “full trust” in their investigations, including interrogation.

“There are no political directives to the arrest and detention by the police. My style is that we empower the heads of department, including the police chief (to do their job). Their actions are based on the Act and jurisdiction given to them,” he said at a press conference today.

Three editors, their chief exeuctive, and their publisher were arrested and held in a lockup overnight. A magistrate refused to allow further remand detention for the editors.» Malaysiakini report

  1. Thu 2015-Apr-2 @ MYT 23:43:34 pm 23:43

    Can you believe this abang? So “who” gave the police full trust?

  2. Shadaan permalink
    Fri 2015-Apr-3 @ MYT 23:15:40 pm 23:15

    The police chief is politician and he protects the UMNO chiefs by abusing of power.

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