Opposition slams NST for bad tidings, no cheer


How much did Umno pay you, protestors
chant in flashmob outside news agency

By Gloomy Gus
Chief Political Despondent

The Umno-owned mouthpiece New Straits Times, in an astonishing feat of news reporting, has infuriated the Malaysian political opposition by claiming that Malaysia’s sovereign rating had remained stable and unchanged at A- despite a devastating year-long campaign to destabilise the economy and share market and replace the government with a new set of plump, well-manured cronies.

The report in the English-language daily was immediately condemned by opposition supporters carrying placards in Chinese, Malay and English.

“How much did Umno pay you,” they chanted in a flashmob of two politicians and an NGO outside the Petronas Twin Towers, where the Reuters news agency has its offices.

A troop of the Federal Reserve Unit’s female platoon watched in bewilderment while former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, mastermind and face of the destabilisation campaign, waved a pink handerchief from his window above.

Earlier this year, the formidable opposition stalwart Lim Kit Siang, whose views are echoed in all major online news outlets every day, had declared Malaysia to be a failed state.

Decrying the ruinous investment policies of the central bank and the twin mega scandals bedevilling the Najib Razak govenment, Lim said they had caused the ringgit to crash, foreign investors to flee after withdrawing billions in capital, and placed the country on the slippery slope to a rogue state.

His conclusion was rapidly supported by well-known intellectuals and acadamicians, including those not charged or facing the threat of jail. They have organised a petition-signing campaign beside a Central Market stall selling Zunar cartoon books and Mao Tse-tung caps.

Despite their brave front, the NST report is a bitter pill and may have sounded the death knell on opposition expectations of casting a further pall on the economic outlook.

The paper quoted the US-based ratings agency Standard and Poor’s as saying that 1MDB. China’s policy shift, and oil prices have not affected Malaysia’s economic prospects and fiscal balance sheet. Well-known opposition intellectuals accused S & P of being a tool of the Obama administration, which is close to Najib Razak, and of being funded by the Illuminati as well as mysterious Penang-born businessman Jho Low and his Middle Eastern philanthropic contacts.

In a statement later today, Reuters pointed out that 1MDB was a Wall Street Journal affair and politely asked demonstators to assemble outside 376 Jalan Tun Razak, where milk and cookies would be served.


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