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Permit for lethal force: members of a bar

Thu 2016-Aug-4 @ MYT 16:47:12 pm

Direktorat Sekuritate Nationale

Mobilisation Order No 1/2016 – Permit to use all lethal force

Man the barricades!

Pursuant to Mobilisation Notice No. 1/2016 wherein the Direktorat Sekuritate Nationale has commanded that, in the event of war, hostilities, invasions, incursions or landings by hostile forces,
1. All lawyers, advocates, solicitors, pupils, clerks, and
2. All members of a bar and all present at the bar,
are required to report immediately to the national front and to attend with all speed at the barricades fully equipped, fully armed, and fully clothed (wigs optional).

Permit to use all lethal force

The Direktorat Sekuritate Nationale hereby further commands you to repel all boarders, incursionists, invaders, and any form of hostile force.


By this permit, you are hereby empowered by the Direktorat Sekuritate Nationale to use all lethal force, including and not limited to: restraining orders, writs of habeas corpus, orders of forfeiture, writs of seizure, orders of mandamus and writs of certiorari.

As a final resort, you are empowered to hurl appeals to the supreme court in the face of the invaders.

You may fire at will. Your brief is the annihilation of hostile forces. You will take no prisoners. Applications as to costs will be refused. Deserters will be derobed.

By order of the High Command

Permit to use lethal force
Mobilisation Order No 1/2016
Direktorat Sekuritate Nationale



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