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Some sources of help or inspiration for working journalists most of whom, frankly, can’t really be bothered because they (presumably) already know all this stuff or can’t be bothered. But it’s here anyway. Occasionally updated

»  Oxford  »  Cambridge  »  Longman’s  »  Free Dictionary  »  “Webster’s Online”
»  Translate
Malay-English or English-Malay  »  Wordnik  »  Wikipedia
»  Etymology (word history)
Bartleby’s Famous Quotations  »  Quotations Page

Style guides
»  The Economist  |  » The Guardian  |  » The Times  |  » The Daily Telegraph  |  » Reuters Handbook of Journalism  |  » Reuters style guide

Gentlemen Ranters
Grey Cardigan
Heads Up
The Editor’s Desk
CJR: The Kicker

Writing and editing blogs
Testy Copy-Editors
The Engine Room
You Don’t Say
Words to the Wise
Words at Work
The Slot
WSJ: Style and Substance

Language resources
NYT: William Safire
World Wide Words
Language Corner
Schott’s Vocab
Sharp Points
Double Tongued Dictionary
Lexicographer’s Rules

Serious stuff

World Association of Newspapers
Media news, analysis
Editors Weblog
Huffington Post
The Australian
The Guardian
The Independent
LA Times
Washington Post
Media Memo
PBS MediaShift
Slate: Jack Shafer
Media Guy

Media trade press
Editor & Publisher
UK Press Gazette


NYT public editor
WashPost ombudsman
Guardian readers’ editor
Observer readers’ editor
The Hindu readers’ editor
On ethics: Indiana U
Regret the Error

Journalism reviews
British Journalism Review
Columbia Journalism Review
European Journalism Review
Online Journalism Review
Pacific Journalism Review
Pacific Media Centre
St Louis Journalism Review
Reportage magazine of Australian Centre for Independent Journalism

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