How Barisan failed spectacularly on social media

Najib Razak launching the 1Malaysia Negaraku campaign in August 2017

Najib Razak launching the 1Malaysia Negaraku campaign in August 2017. [Photo: Malaysian Insight]

Arms-length, slick prime minister-driven campaign with a lot of chest-thumping

Barisan Nasional’s propaganda campaign failed on social media by trying to beat social media users “into submission” the way it had with the controlled mass media, according to a branding consultant. BN had used social media aggressively but had not used it properly. Instead of being based on issues that mattered to the voters, BN created an arms-length, slick, prime minister-driven campaign with a lot of chest thumping, but Pakatan Harapan supporters “were embracing voters in the digital coffee shops with informal, instantaneous responses to issues”. — Free Malaysia Today. | » BRANDING GURU TELLS WHY BARISAN NASIONAL FAILED


On Umno’s anniversary, a painful lesson of hubris

The Malay party is in ruins, exactly 72 years after its formation in 1946.

For Najib Razak and Umno, a sombre occasion for a party humbled by hubris on its own anniversary. (Photo: Barisan Nasional Facebook)

By Gobind Rudra
May 11, 2018

As Malaysians celebrate the outcome of May 9 and embark on the long weekend, with not a little trepidation amidst the euphoria, few will spare a thought for the wreck that is Umno today, ruined on the eve of the anniversary of its birth on May 11, 1946. Overcome by hubris, its reputation hangs in tatters around its neck after Wednesday night’s astonishing general election results.

Many present-day Malaysians will fail to recognise the deep significance of May 10 in Malaysian history, however. It was on this day in 1969 that Umno first came a cropper at a general election that ruined the facade of invincibility — a popular movement of the largely urban disaffected turfed out the Umno-led Alliance party in Penang, very nearly in Perak and Selangor, and broke its dominance in Parliament. Continue reading

‘Unpardonable sin’ by PM’s Office – Kadir

Former NSTP group chief editor A Kadir Jasin has accused the prime minister’s office of “an unpardonable sin” in alluding to “legacy family wealth” in a response to an article in the New York Times earlier this month.

“Unless the PMO makes an about turn and deny ever making a statement to the NYT about Mohd Najib’s so-called inheritance, it stands accused of tainting the memory of that great man,” said Kadir, writing in his blog on Wednesday.

Photo posted at Kadir Jasin’s blog with the caption ‘Tun Razak a frugal man’

“The PMO propaganda machine can do whatever it likes even at the expense of ethics and morality to protect the PM and his wife. But for it to dishonour and disrespect the memory of Tun Abdul Razak is an unpardonable sin.”

Kadir’s comment on the response by the PM’s Office came in the bottom half of his blog posting, which had been about the prime minister’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, and her comments about rising costs and her RM1,200 hairdo.

“I leave it entirely to readers and debaters to make sense of the RM1,200-hairdo. You can credit her for speaking up on behalf of consumers or loath her for the hair raising price she paid for hair colouring,” he said, before going on to the joint statement by Najib’s four brothers. Continue reading

BN media black out Najib’s brothers

Asia Sentinel report on Wednesday


Newspapers owned by Barisan Nasional parties Umno and MCA have blacked out a media statement by Najib Razak’s brothers defending their late father’s reputation for integrity and frugality, Malayakini reports.

The statement had been in response to a New York Times report about purported “legacy family wealth” accounting for lavish spending by Najib’s family.

The four junior sons of the late Tun Abdul Razak, second prime minister, had emailed their joint statement to the largest-circulating newspapers, and to Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider and business weekly The Edge.

None of the Barisan Nasional-owned newspapers carried any report on the statement, Malaysiakini said.

NOT REPORTED: Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, New Straits Times (all owned or controlled by Umno), The Star (owned by the MCA).
REPORTED: Sinchew Daily, Nanyang Siang Pau and China Press.

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Official protection racket of Barisan Nazional


Will a sellout help the fading Star?

Questions of credibility and crumbling sales

Although MCA president Chua Soi Lek has firmly denied speculation of the party selling off its assets, among which The Star is a prize item, for its political and financial power, it is still an open question as to whether the MCA’s ownership of the paper is becoming a drag on the paper and its commercial success. [No sale]

Raja Petra Kamarudin at Malaysia Today had speculated yesterday that the MCA would suffer the fate of Umno after its deregistration and rebirth as Umno Baru in 1989, and become subject to asset-stripping by its taikos.

RPK had named the Star’s chairman, Fong Chan Onn, executive deputy chairman Vincent Lee as among those most likely to lead any such shuffling of MCA assets. [RPK]

Speculation about a possible sale of MCA holdings in property and investments (the MCA building in Jalan Ampang, Menara Multi-Purpose in Capital Square and others) arose after the party's drubbing at the general election on May 5. Only seven of its candidates were returned as MPs, and 11 as state assemblymen in its worst electoral performance.

Soon there was further talk of giving up the ghost and liquidating the party's assets.

The Star is a prize asset, together with its minor publications and three radio stations. The party’s 42% stake in Star Publications, the publishing company, bring in tens of millions of ringgit in annual dividends.

Declining value of Star shares

Declining value of Star shares

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Apa Lagi Zahid Hamidi Mahu?

I will scrutinise every statement, every sentence, every paragraph of Malaysiakini’s news. Don’t play with fire with me.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi PhD, minister of Malaysiakini affairs

Apa Lagi Zahid Mahu?

on Lim Guan Eng and the migrate issue

It is Lim who should apologise to me, because he misquoted my statement. I should not be apologising to him. Where are you from? That’s it lah, you (Malaysiakini) always twist my statements. It happens too often. When there is no issue, you create one. Write properly. It is he (Lim) who needs to apologise, not me, okay

on Anwar Ibrahim and their fathers’ countries

This country is also not (Anwar’s) father’s. It is neither my father’s country nor his father’s country. You have to write this down, Malaysiakini. You (Malaysiakini) always spin. Please write according to journalistic ethics. What else does Malaysiakini want to ask? Please don’t spin. I will scrutinise every statement, every sentence, every paragraph of Malaysiakini’s news. Don’t play with fire with me

Ahmad Zahid Hamini, PhD
Minister of Home Affairs
Minister of Malaysiakini Affairs
Minister of Foreign Home Affairs

» It’s not your father’s country either, retorts Zahid
» Don’t spin, stick to ethics, minister warns Malaysiakini

Ruhanie gets a thrashing for ‘proxy regime’ remarks

First ….blame Anwar, second blame the Chinese, if all fails then say foreign intervention
comment by Malaysiakini reader


Paid for: millions given to US propaganda writer by Malaysian government

Millions given to US propaganda writer by Malaysian government

Ruhani Ahmad has received a lambasting from Malaysiakini’s informed readers for repeating the comments by a little-known US blogger suggesting that the United States was using opposition parties to set up a puppet regime in Malaysia.

Ruhani, former MP and property developer, former press aide to Musa Hitam, former NST reporter, is the man said to be behind the Malaysian Digest.

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Remains of the day: just throwing money around

In a corner of a coffeeshop late in the night, about 600 copies of the Star lie stacked, bundles that look as if they’d just been delivered from the Circulation mailroom.

The Circulation routing slip is neatly placed in a corner of the bundle, the packing straps still in place.

Any minute now, you think, the news vendor is about to ride up on his kapcai, and collect his bundle.

But it’s midnight on Friday. The papers are copies of that day’s edition, printed the night before. It’s been 20 hours since they were printed and packed. The bundles are still unopened.

Remainders of tthe day: free copies of the Star still strapped in their bundles

Remainders of the day: free copies of the Star still strapped in their bundles

One or two copies lie on the tables, and some late-night customers flip through their copies, briefly dipping into an article or two as they have their supper at the coffeeshop near the Sungei Pinang waterfront. Only one or two seem to be reading anything at length, and one man at a nearby table is engrossed in a fullpage advertisement.
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BN staff threaten Mkini reporter with smacking

Info Dept vans seen being used at party ceramah in KL

Malaysiakini reporter Koh Jun Lin has reported being faced with threats of assault by Barisan Nasional staff when he tried to find out about the use of federal government Information Department vans and equipment at a party ceramah in Batu, Kuala Lumpur.

In his report on the encounter, Jun Lin said the party’s event organiser, Suhaimi Yahya, had shouted: “Hey! You are lucky I haven’t smacked you yet. . .” At this point, an unidentified man wearing a BN shirt stepped in and forced Malaysiakini to leave the venue, shouting “Go back”, “Don’t cause trouble”, and “Don’t you dare look back”.

Jun Lin’s run-in with the BN workers had come when he tried to ask about the use of Information vans and equipment at the opening of the party’s election centre for Batu constituency.

A speaker van was used to broadcast speeches, while two other Information vehicles were parked nearby, Jun Lin reported. » Info Dept vehicles used at BN Batu ops centre launch [Malaysiakini]

Barisan Nasional deputy chairman Muhyiddin Yassin had been the guest-of-honour earlier in which he spoke to about 300 supporters criticising the outgoing MP, Tian Chua of Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

Government equipment is not allowed to be used for party purposes under any circumstances and especially so by a caretaker government during election campaigns — but the Alliance and the Barisan Nasional coalitions have paid scant regard to procedure and good constitutional behaviour in the past.


» Berjaya Hotel refuses to allow political forum

A political forum featuring young political leaders Saifuddin Abdullah (Umno) Gan Ping Sieu (MCA), Liew Chin Tong (DAP) and Mujahid Yusof Rawa (PAS) has been moved from Berjaya Hotel Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, to the Corus two days before it is to be held.

The hotel in Jalan Imbi, and the commercial complex is owned by tycoon Vincent Tan (also owner of the Sun newspaper).

Organisers did not reveal what reason had been given for the last-minute cancellation of the ballroom booking.

» [Malaysiakini] Political forum loses venue at eleventh hour