Anti-ABU mobster detained

A man in his 20s has been detained by Shah Alam police to assist in investigations into the mob attack on the ABU-Hindraf ceramah on Saturday which left one ceramah participant injured, Sinar Harian reports.

Police arrested the man yesterday after he was identified. More arrests would be made when others involved had been identified, said the OCPD, Asst Cmsr Zahedi Ayob. Witnesses to the mob attack would also be asked to give statements.

Zahedi rejected allegations that there had been any damage caused either inside or outside the community hall where the ceramah took place, or to nearby hawker stalls which were said to have been destroyed by a group of unidentified men. He said eight police reports had been filed.

» Satu ditahan berhubung serangan ceramah ABU (Sinar Harian)

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Anti-ABU man ‘Baharom’ a supporter of Hasan Ali?

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“Baharom” the anti-ABU mobster is alleged by some bloggers to be Muhd Razali of Shah Alam (Facebook photo, right). His photo album on Facebook also contains a picture of a Hasan Ali ceramah poster.

Selangor power play

Hasan Ali, formerly of PAS, has ambitions of being Selangor menteri besar and has been at the forefront of moves for a PAS-Umno marriage of convenience in the name of Malay and Muslim unity.

Pakatan Rakyat 36 seats (with Hasan Ali)
Umno 20 seats

PKR & DAP: 28 PAS & Umno: 28

Such a union, whether by coalition or merger, would lay the foundations for Umno’s takeover of the Selangor state administration. They would have a combined total of 28 seats in the State Assembly, on level terms with the Pakatan Rakyat: Umno (20 seats) and PAS including Hasan Ali (8) against Pakatan Rakyat’s PKR (15 seats) and DAP (13).

There seems to be a link, though perhaps coincidental and tenuous, between controversial former PAS leader Hasan Ali and the man called “Baharom”, or Muhamad Razali, alleged in some blogs to be the leader of the mob that broke up the ABU-Hindraf ceramah on Saturday, at which one man was injured.

There is no indication that Hasan Ali has any involvement with the action of the mob. However, he has been linked to Umno’s moves to regain power in Selangor through a PAS-Umno coalition.

The link to Hasan Ali comes from the Facebook profile of Muhamad Razali, a Shah Alam resident in his late 20s, and formerly from Klang, who was identified by some bloggers and blog commenters as being the mobster leader named as “Baharom” in photos posted online. There is a facial resemblance.

On his profile, Muhamad Razali says he attended SMK Jalan Kebun (school year 2002), which is in the locality where the ceramah was held, in a Shah Alam community hall. (Jalan Kebun, runs between Klang and Shah Alam, and goes past Kampung Jawa, Kota Kemuning and Bukit Kemuning, to Kampung Jalan Kebun.)

Link to Hasan Ali

Md Razali’s profile photo album includes a picture of a ceramah poster featuring Hasan Ali, the controversial former Selangor executive councillor for Islamic affairs who was recently expelled by PAS and then sacked from the Selangor Exco.

Hasan Ali has also waged an anti-Christian campaign, alleging large numbers of Muslims being converted to Christianity, and backed a controversial » raid on a Damansara Utama Methodist Church dinner at which several Muslims were present.

He and Nasharudin Mat Isa, a former PAS deputy president, were in secret talks on a coalition with Umno after the March 2008 general elections, in which the Umno-led Barisan Nasional lost power in Selangor.

Since then, Umno president Najib Tun Razak has taken charge of Selangor Umno with the aim of dislodging the Pakatan Rakyat.

Hasan Ali and Nasharudin are believed to have been dropped from the PAS line-up of election candidates for the next election, according to Utusan Malaysia.

» Who is ‘Baharom’ the anti-ABU mobster leader?

Who is ‘Baharom’ the anti-ABU mobster leader?

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“Baharom” is said to be the man who led the anti-ABU mob who violently broke up an ABU-Hindraf ceramah near Klang on Saturday, leaving one ceramah participant injured.

This photo, posted online bears a resemblance to photos of Facebook user Muhamad Razali, said to be a former student of SMK Jalan Kebun, near where the ceramah was held. His Facebook profile suggests a link to Hassan Ali, the controversial religious leader recently expelled by PAS and sacked from the Selangor state executive council.

An appeal has been launched on Facebook to identify members of the mob from photo stills taken from eyewitness videos and from the motorcyle number plates.

A prominent pro-Pakatan Rakyat blogger, Milo Suam, posted stills showing motorcycles bearing registration numbers BLK 6537, BLH 4761, BLK 6423. He said it would take police only a few moments to obtain details of the owners from the motor vehicles registry database, and asked why there had been no police action yet three days after the event.

ABU activist Haris Ibrahim has said there was possible police collusion with the mob.

The photo of “Baharom” shows a resemblance to Muhamad Razali, a Shah Alam resident formerly from Klang, in his late 20s. Md Razali’s Facebook profile states that he is a former student of SMK Jalan Kebun, school year 2002.

Jalan Kebun, on the border between Klang and Shah Alam, runs past Kampung Jawa, Kota Kemuning and Bukit Kemuning to Kampung Jalan Kebun, in the sprawling industrial half of Shah Alam on the south bank of the Klang River.

The ceramah, jointly held by the ABU anti-Umno group and the Hindraf movement, was held at a Shah Alam community centre. A mob of motorcycle riders crashed into the venue demanding that the ceramah be called off. The leader, a stockily-built man resembling “Baharom” and Md Razali, was seen on video making threats at ceramah participants and throwing ceramah publicity material to the floor.

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Police collusion with anti-ABU mob?


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Police may have colluded with the mobsters who violently disrupted the ABU-Hindraf ceramah in Selangor on Saturday at which one participant was injured. Haris Ibrahim, one of the ceramah organisers, said one mobster is suspected of being a policeman in plain clothes. Later, two Special Branch officers who spoke to Haris seemed intent only on stopping the ceramah (as also demanded by the mob) and did not respond when asked if they were unable to control the mobsters.

Although the police insisted that the ceramah be stopped, some local residents, PAS members, had asked that it proceed, and said they would ensure no further disruption from the mob.

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Mob attacks ABU. Nothing happened say police [eyewitness videos]

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Does the police force tell the truth?

No such incident though there was some dissatisfaction by the residents about the activity. No damages or injuries to people as alleged…no riots occurred.

Tun Hisan bin Tun Hamzah
Chief police officer of Selangor
quoted by Free Malaysia Today

» Mob disrupts ABU/Hindraf event, one hurt (Free Malaysia Today)

We managed to avoid the incident from becoming worse apart from shouting and pushing. There is no such thing as people being beaten with sticks.

Zahedi Ayob
OCPD of Shah Alam
quoted by Free Malaysia Today

Do policemen provide all the facts?

Nothing happened, the residents were unhappy, that’s all. No police reports were lodged, not even by the victim who was said to be injured.

Tun Hisam bin Tun Hamzah
Chief police officer of Selangor
quoted by MalaysiaKini
» ‘Anything But Umno’ rally disrupted, one injured (MakaysiaKini)

Is the police force neutral?

The tension was caused by an anti-Umno ceramah being held in a Malay area and a banner calling for the end of the Umno/BN regime. The villagers were angry with the 20 or so Malays who attended the ceramah … the kampung people came out to protest against the presence of the Malays in the Hindraf organised ceramah. No BN or Umno supporters who disturbed them.

Zahedi Ayob
OCPD of Shah Alam
quoted by Free Malaysia Today

Do people in blue uniforms work for the citizens or for Umno?

‘Convoy arrests an abuse of police power’

Comment by a MalaysiaKini reader
in response to police arrests of Hindraf supporters

Hindraf supporters in a Black Maria on their way to the lockup. [Photo: Free Malaysia Today]

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Too Little Too Late, PKR

from Govan Naliah
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I understand that Anwar Ibrahim last week had a meeting with PKR’s Indian leaders, several Indian NGOs and individuals to hatch a plan to bring back the support of Indian voters to Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

I would like to say that I am very unexcited and unimpressed by the news and I believe I am not alone among Indian voters to feel that way. Continue reading