No concern about police attacking journos?

The IGP: bully or protector?

The IGP: bully or protector?

Even the police chimed in to offer press photographers sympathy after an NST photographer was punched on Tuesday. The Inspector-General himself urged family members to show restraint — at the prompting of a senior reporter, on behalf of others, who told him even a small comment would do: he did so straight away.

And he urged the media also to show restraint and not press family members for comment.

Wow. But where the hell was this so-sympathetic show of understanding from Bukit Aman in 2012? When the police were ordered to attack the press to prevent coverage of the massive Bersih public rally? Continue reading


I’m done – Papagomo quits blogging

Papagomo says he’s done. He announced on Twitter on Monday that he’s decided to concentrate on his apparel business and stop blogging, after several years of controversial postings which included sex videos implicating opposition politicians.

The infamous pro-Umno blogger gained national notoriety for publishing videos of a man resembling a politician and a woman said to be a China prostitute, and later being granted access by Mindef (the defence ministry) to the submarine KD Tunku Abdul Rahman at the Langkawi arms trade event.

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Anwar sues for RM100mil damages

Or how police and politicians get away with murder

Or how police and politicians get away with murder

KL POS man denies being Papagomo
A man claiming to be Wan Muhamammad Azri told Sinar Harian that he was not PapaGomo as alleged by Rafizi.

“I would like to state here that my name is Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, identification card number 8301210350** and I am the chief executive of KL POS Media & Production Sdn Bhd. I stress here that I am not the blogger Papa Gomo as alleged by the opposition,” Sinar Harian reported.

Rafizi was unfazed by the denial and showed reporters photos that he said proved that Papagomo was Wan Azri including one of Papagomo on board the submarine. Rafizi said “Papagomo will be pinned down by members of his family and his ex-wife who have agreed to testify against him.”
Malaysia Chronicle

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim sued Papagomo for RM100mil in libel damages in March this year, and identified him as a dismissed police constable Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, 30.

In retaliation Papa Gomo released a teaser 80-second video on his blog allegedly showing Anwar with a university student who Papa Gomo said Anwar had sodomised. “Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy Mahasiswa Seasons 7 Episode 1” shows a person resembling Anwar seemingly engaging in small talk with another person who cannot be seen in the video and who was said to be the student.

A week later Federal police headquarters said Wan Muhammad Azri, a police constable, had been dismissed from the force on Sept 6 last year by the disciplinary board after he was found guilty by the Malaysian courts on a criminal charge brought on Oct 31, 2005.

The police statement came after revelations by Parti Keadilan Rakyat strategist Rafizi Ramli that Wan Muahmmad Azri had a police IC as well as a civilian IC and was registered as a voter in two separate constituencies.

A day later police said Wan Muhammad Azri was no longer registered as a postal voter.

Rafizi also revealed that Wan Muhd Azri’s record had been expunged from the Election Commission online voter database, and showed earlier screenshots of Wan Muhd Azri’s registration as a voter in Ampang and Wangsa Maju constituencies in Kuala Lumpur.
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How many more must die? – Insider editorial

Bukit Aman - home of the protection racket

How many more custodial deaths to reform procedures?

JUNE 02, 2013

P. Karuna Nithi died yesterday in a police lock-up, just under two weeks after N. Dharmendran died in another police lock-up.

How many more Malaysians or anyone else for that matter have to die before the authorities take notice and ensure that those who enter a police lock-up don’t come out in a body bag? How many more times do Malaysians have to raise this matter before the government takes action and throws the book at errant policemen? How many more times before Malaysians think that custodial deaths appear to be a policy condoned by those in power?

According to rights group Suaram, there were 218 cases of alleged deaths in custody in Malaysia from 2000 to this month, with its records showing that nine of those cases occurred in 2012, while five cases took place this year. A United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention 2010 visit to Malaysian prisons and detention centres reported in 2011 that between 2003 and 2007, “over 1,500 people died while being held by authorities.”

All this shows custodial deaths are not new. Previous cases have thrown up proposals for CCTVs, independent oversight and better procedures but still, people die in lock-ups.

The duly elected government must take action now. Any delay will further deepen the trust deficit that already persists in the country. After all, if we can’t trust the police with our lives, who can we trust? Any other answer than the police will lead to social breakdown, absolute distrust and lawlessness. All because the authorities have ignored what is clear to all of us — a police force that thinks it is a law unto itself.
Malaysian Insider

Police collusion with anti-ABU mob?


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Police may have colluded with the mobsters who violently disrupted the ABU-Hindraf ceramah in Selangor on Saturday at which one participant was injured. Haris Ibrahim, one of the ceramah organisers, said one mobster is suspected of being a policeman in plain clothes. Later, two Special Branch officers who spoke to Haris seemed intent only on stopping the ceramah (as also demanded by the mob) and did not respond when asked if they were unable to control the mobsters.

Although the police insisted that the ceramah be stopped, some local residents, PAS members, had asked that it proceed, and said they would ensure no further disruption from the mob.

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Mob attacks ABU. Nothing happened say police [eyewitness videos]

SEE ALSO: Police collusion with anti-ABU mob?

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Does the police force tell the truth?

No such incident though there was some dissatisfaction by the residents about the activity. No damages or injuries to people as alleged…no riots occurred.

Tun Hisan bin Tun Hamzah
Chief police officer of Selangor
quoted by Free Malaysia Today

» Mob disrupts ABU/Hindraf event, one hurt (Free Malaysia Today)

We managed to avoid the incident from becoming worse apart from shouting and pushing. There is no such thing as people being beaten with sticks.

Zahedi Ayob
OCPD of Shah Alam
quoted by Free Malaysia Today

Do policemen provide all the facts?

Nothing happened, the residents were unhappy, that’s all. No police reports were lodged, not even by the victim who was said to be injured.

Tun Hisam bin Tun Hamzah
Chief police officer of Selangor
quoted by MalaysiaKini
» ‘Anything But Umno’ rally disrupted, one injured (MakaysiaKini)

Is the police force neutral?

The tension was caused by an anti-Umno ceramah being held in a Malay area and a banner calling for the end of the Umno/BN regime. The villagers were angry with the 20 or so Malays who attended the ceramah … the kampung people came out to protest against the presence of the Malays in the Hindraf organised ceramah. No BN or Umno supporters who disturbed them.

Zahedi Ayob
OCPD of Shah Alam
quoted by Free Malaysia Today

Do people in blue uniforms work for the citizens or for Umno?

Say, here’s a big joke: a policeman who talks and thinks like a pathetic politician

Show your support of the brave and heroic police who banned Zunar’s book and stopped an armed rebellion by his fans. Get a copy of his book.

Have you read Zunar’s cartoons? Did you laugh?
And then did you all rise up in armed revolt?
Guess what the police force thinks you’ll do

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Thinking is a crime: the fearless thought police in September 2010. Zunar and lawyer Latheefa Koya wait as tough guy A Arikrishnan inspects Zunar's book looking for an excuse to ban it.

Assistant Superintendent A Arikrishnan of the Brickfields police must be one tough guy, single-handedly bringing down the hardened criminal known as the cartoonist Zunar in 2010.

This week the brave and heroic policeman must have gained himself a couple of extra promotion points with High Court testimoney against the hardened criminal Zunar. He provided further reason for Malaysians to harbour grave doubts about the professionalism and neutrality of the taxpayer-funded police force and the taxpayer-funded federal government. Don’t joke. That’s seditious.

To be fair, the brave and heroic Assistant Superintendent A Arikrishnan of the Brickfields police seems to have given a solid performance as a stout defender of the egos of ruling party politicians or wives thereof, and as a firm believer that people who think are dangerous and people who poke fun of those in high places are even more dangerous.

The brave and heroic Assistant Superintendent Arikrishnan of the Brickfields police will go far. How far has already been shown by his brave and heroic action against the hardened criminal Zunar who uses lethal weapons such as pens, brushes, ink and cardboard.

As everyone now realises, the brave and heroic Assistant Superintendent A Arikrishnan of the Brickfields police single-handedly thwarted an armed rebellion of Malaysians laughing at the super-rich Umno-BN ruling class. He arrested the chief instigator, the hardened criminal Zunar, and gave him a tour of seven police stations all around KL.

Such brave and heroic policemen willing to get their hands dirty for the greater good of the rich and powerful will earn rewards. Especially if they can stop people from laughing at them.

So, enter the brave and heroic Assistant Superintendent A Arikrishnan of the Brickfields police to testify in court against the dangerous and hardened criminal Zunar, who seeks damages from the police and government for wrongful arrest.

The brave and heroic Assistant Superintendent A Arikrishnan of the Brickfields police said he found “every page” of Zunar’s book Cartoon-o-Phobia to be seditious.

The alleged book. The heroic police seized 66 copies of the alleged book in a daring raid in September 2010.

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Student leader Safwan Anang leaves hospital, describes assault

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Student leader Muhammad Safwan Anang, who was taken unconscious to hospital when police broke up a demonstration for academic freedom on New Year’s Eve in Tanjung Malim, was discharged earlier today, reports MalaysiaKini. He said he was beaten up while trying to help a friend being dragged off by the police.

Yesterday, Safwan had told another student activist and his lawyer that police had asked him to lie about his injuries by asking him to sign a form which read, in words to that effect, ‘Mangsa jatuh semasa kejadian (the victim fell during the incident)’.
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UPSI midnight student rally photos

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Vodpod videos no longer available.


Photos: Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia, Adam Adli and Chris Kooi
Posted at Twitter and Flickr