Two journos alleged to be police agents

Two newspaper journalists have been named as being agents of the newly-retired Inspector-General of Police, Musa Hassan, in an article by an anonymous writer, believed to be a police officer or someone working with federal police headquarters, at Raja Petra Kamarudin’s Malaysia Today.

The article, by a writer using the byline “Bukit Aman Deep Throat”, was published in the Corridors of Power column, which usually carries articles by Raja Petra. It is the second in recent weeks by “Bukit Aman Deep Throat”.

The writer rebuts accusations made in an article on the police force last week at Malaysia Today and says they were made by Musa Hassan’s agents in a campaign to discredit the home minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein. Musa Hassan, a thorn in Hishammuddin’s side

Raja Petra has often stated that he has sources deep within Bukit Aman and the court system who provide him with information and confidential government documents.

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RPK File: Najib named in RM5mil Umno defection offer to PKR man

UPDATE 01-10-2010
» RM5mil YB still waiting for MACC action”


by uppercaise

Najib Tun Razak was named in a RM5 million defection offer to PKR’s Lim Soo Nee, the assemblyman for Kulim, to help topple the PAS-led Kedah state government by switching to the Barisan Nasional, just a month after the March 2008 general election.

Lim said in a report to the MACC that he was told Najib would have RM20 million in cash with him when he came to Sungai Petani. The offer to defect was made in April 2008 by a middleman on behalf of former Kedah menteri besar and Kedah Umno chief Mahadzir Khalid, whose government had failed to be re-elected in the elections of the previous month.

In the MACC report, Lim gave details of the many times he was contacted between April and September 2008, about the defection plans, and of secret recordings made of his meetings with Umno people. Images of the report were published by Raja Petra Kamarudin yesterday at Malaysia Today under the headline «Proof that the MACC is a component member of Barisan Nasional»

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RPK File: ‘Mahathir used ACA to protect himself and cronies’


by uppercaise

Dr Mahathir Mohamad appointed a “millionaire police officer” as head of the Anti-Corruption Agency who would protect him and his cronies from investigation, according to a letter sent to an advisor to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, then prime minister.

Images of the letter were posted at Malaysia Today by Raja Petra Kamarudin on Tuesday. The letter, written in English by senior ACA officer Mohamed Ramli Manan, was sent to Dato Shagul Hamid, the head of Biro Tata Negara.

Raja Petra said: “Shagul Hamid, the head of BTN, was the adviser to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. What Shagul Hamid knows, Pak Lah knows. In fact, in most instances, Pak Lah would not act unless on Shagul Hamid’s advice and Shagul Hamid could tell the Prime Minister what he should and should not do. But in this particular case no action was taken — or maybe no advice was given.”

Ramli Manan’s letter said: “We know the reason why Mahathir had appointed him [Dato Zulkifly Mat Noor] as the DG [director-general] then. It is to protect him and his cronies from ACA’s investigation from his corrupt misdeeds like the Petronas bailout, IPP scandal, MAS, Hospital privatization and a lot more that are coming up.”

Images of the Ramli Manan letter posted by Raja Petra can be viewed by clicking the Page numbers at the bottom of this posting.

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RPK File: Rape and graft rap against anti-corruption chief

» Posted at Malaysia Today as “Part 1: Here Goes”

The head of the anti-corruption agency was accused of corruption and rape in a 2006 report filed by one of his top officers, according to images of the report which were published yesterday by Malaysia Today.

True to his promise last week, Raja Petra Kamarudin released the images, the first of “hundreds of pages” of anti-corruption investigations into corruption by VIPs which, he said, “were all eventually swept under the carpet”.

The report accused Zulkipli Mat Noor, director-general of the Anti-Corruption Agency, of “being a very corrupt senior police officer who had amassed substantial property and assets through corrupt means”. It also said Zulkipli was investigated over allegations of rape made by a housewife, that she subsequent reported being assaulted after her rape report, and that Zulkipli had interefered with the investigation.

The report was filed by Mohamad Ramli Abdul Manan, a senior investigating officer of the Anti-Corruption Agency in Putrajaya and a former director of the Sabah ACA. He made the report to the Inspector-General of Police with copies to the Prime Minister, Solicitor-General and Auditor-General.

Ramli called for a thorough investigation against Zulkipli and another officer (who was not named) and that the government be informed of the results. Ramli said it was his “last act of national duty since I am going into compulsory retirement” and therefore “I cannot have any personal interest”.

The Ramli Manan report became a major sensation in 2006, when details were made public by Ezam Mohd Nor, the former aide to Anwar Ibrahim, who was then active as head of the Gerak anti-corruption movement. The public outcry led to Zulkipli and Ramli being summoned to appear before a parliamentary committee.

The case also involved:

  • Dr Mahathir Mohamad, when still prime minister. Ramli said Mahathir ordered that he be removed from Sabah and put into “cold storage” in Putrajaya for investigating corruption allegations involving land minister Kasitah Gaddam
  • Attorney-General Gani Patail. Ramli said Gani was close to Zulkipli as both were from Sabah. Mahathir recruited both of them.
  • Former Anwar Ibrahim aide Ezam Mohd Nor, then head of the Gerak anti-corruption movement, who released Ramli’s First Information Report to the press
  • Musa Aman, the current Chief Minister of Sabah. In a 207 article, Raja Petra said Musa was close to Zulkipli, who as director of Special Branch in Sabah had brought Musa into Usno, the ruling party then, and promised to make him chief minister.

The images posted by Raja Petra yesterday can be viewed by clicking the Page numbers at the bottom of this posting. They are reposted here in the cause of free speech and a free press as Malaysia Today often comes under cyber-attack and links may not work.

» Other stories in The RPK File

RPK File: Photos of VIP children

Raja Petra Kamarudin, continuing his long-running political feud with Malaysian leaders, has posted photographs of children of VIPs, taken at private social events. The photographs are undated except for one which bears the date 16 July 2008, and posted without any accompanying details on where they were taken or who was in the photographs. Readers at Malaysia Today were invited to guess the identities.

All the photographs have been published elsewhere before and have circulated on the Internet.

On Wednesday, RPK posted them in retaliation against a personal comment made against his family in the comments section of the Malay Mail, on a report about RPK’s son being acquitted for lack of a prima facie police case against him. The comment is shown in this image:

• Click on the Page numbers at the bottom of this posting to view the photographs.

RPK File: The fixer, the AG and Tajuddin

Raja Petra Kamarudin has posted photographs to back his assertion of official collusion in a case involving Tajudin Ramli, the Daim Zainuddin protegé during whose tenure as owner and chairman of MAS, the national airline lost RM8 billion in a MAS Cargo deal in Frankfurt, Germany.

At his Malaysia Today website on Sunday, Raja Petra posted photographs of Shahidan Shafie, whom he described as a former police officer; the Attorney-General, Abdul Gani Patail; and Tajudin Ramli, seen at Shahidan’s home. No details were provided on when these photographs were taken or at what occasion.

On Sept 8 Raja Petra has described Shahidan Shafie’s links to Tajudin in a complicated series of corporate deals involving sale of assets of Tajudin’s company Naluri Corporation, Daharta, the national asset recovery unit set up to deal with corporate failures during the Asian financial crisis of 1997, and Atlan corporation. Shahidan was named as a Naluri shareholder in a suit against Atlan in 2005.

Yes, this is the camouflage and front man that Tajudin now uses. Shahidan is the cousin of Rizana Daud, the wife of Bistamam Ramli and one time supremo Company Secretary of MAS when Tajudin plundered MAS.

Shahidan was a former police officer and once the OC Secret Societies in Johor Bahru. In 1990, he was charged for corruption when he released some gangsters for a fee. Through his ACA (MACC) contacts he escaped prison. Since then he has become a very successful wheeler-dealer.

Shahidan is very close to Zahid Hamidi and Nazri Aziz. He also cuts deals with AG Gani Patail and maintains a close friendship with Nordin Hassan, the former Director of Prosecution of the MACC.
» Tajudin Ramli will not be enjoying his Hari Raya this year

The photographs and captions were contained in an article in which RPK also refuted allegations by a blogger that he had been found drunk by a drain outside a pub in London.

Text of RPK’s article The Art of Spinning after the turn, together with four photographs on Shahidan, Gani and Tajudin. The photographs are reproduced one to a page. Click on the Page numbers at the bottom of the posting.

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RPK File: Aide links IGP to triads, dirty tricks


A personal aide to Musa Hassan, then Inspector-General of Police, has accused his former chief of having links to triad bosses, ordering a dirty-tricks campaign against a former deputy home minister and allowing a triad leader to manipulate postings and promotions in the police force. Images of a statutory declaration by the aide, Asst Supt Noor Azizul Rahim bin Taharim, made in August last year, were posted by Raja Petra Kamarudin with his latest article at the Malaysia Today website this evening.

In his article Interference in the Malaysian police force Raja Petra said copies of the sworn statement had been distributed to former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, former IGP Tun Hanif Omar, and other senior officials of the government.

Raja Petra said no action had been taken to put ASP Noor Azizul Rahim on trial for making a false declaration, if it was untrue, because “then the truth would surface. So they did noting at all”.

He said the document spoke of interference in the affairs of the police by external forces — and contrasted that to the complaints made by Musa Hassan recently of interference in the police by others in the government, later pinpointing the home ministry.

Raja Petra also contrasted the treatment accorded to ASP Noor Azizul Rahim and that given to him after he filed a statutory declaration in which he said he had been informed of the involvement of Rosmah Mansor, wife of prime minister Najib Tun Razak, in the murder of Mongolian part-time translator Altantuya Shaariibuu.

No action was taken against the ASP even though his allegations involved the country’s top policeman. Yet Raja Petra himself was charged with criminal defamation, even though he had merely related what he was told about Rosmah who, RPK pointed out, had no official role in the government structure; private investigator P Balasubramiam, who also filed a statutory declaration about the murder, had threats made against his life and was taken out of the country.

Raja Petra himself subsequently left the country with his wife and they now live in exile in Britain.

Mirror posting of RPK article
FULL ARTICLE continues after the turn
Three images are posted, one to a page. Click on the Page numbers at the bottom of the posting.

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Malaysia Today fully online

Malaysia Today’s website was fully in operation again this evening (Wednesday) just in time for Malaysia Day after suffering a sustained cyber-attack since 7 September. The attack came after Malaysia Today founder and editor Raja Petra Kamarudin had published a series of articles exposing crony capitalism in Malaysia under Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his successors Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Tun Razak and documents relating to allegations of corruption in a failed deal involving RM8 billion in losses at Malaysia Airlines (MAS).

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Tian Chua: Why do they fear RPK?

Why is there such a concerted effort to shut up RPK? What information does he have that is so ‘sensitive’ that some people are willing to spend a fortune to just keep it away from the Malaysian public and the world at large? It is time to take stock of what is happening at Malaysia Today. There is more than meets the eye. We also feel concern for his safety but we hope RPK will not give up the fight because corruption is the biggest threat now. There is indeed a group of people draining huge sums from Malaysia and the rakyat are going to end up with nothing if the information is kept hidden.

PKR strategic director
quoted in Malaysia Chronicle

The RPK File: MAS report against Tajudin Ramli

On 16 Aug, RPK posted images of a report lodged by MAS Cargo alleging corruption on the part of Tajuddin Ramli, its onetime owner and chairman. It was a follow-up to a posting the previous day asking whether MACC chief Abu Kassim was prepared to resign for the lack of action on the Tajudin Ramli affair.

RPK’s posting is republished here as Malaysia Today’s site is under attack and links may not work. RPK’s posting, with three images, continues after the turn. The images are at the page numbers at the bottom of this posting.

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