The Ids of March – a horror story

Now that the ides of March have come and gone, with all the drama happening only in the days leading up to it and, pffft…, all relatively quiet on the day itself, Sunday, we seem to be back again at the old stalemate. Was it just bluff and buster, Ego v Superego? The game isn’t over yet, not by a long shot.

Here’s a quick pictorial summary:

The Ids of March: A Horror Story

On Friday, the old man wrote in his blog that the police should conduct a forensic audit of 1Malaysia Development Bhd. And he questioned how Riza Aziz (gasp!) son of Rosmah Mansor (gasp!) wife of Najib Razak (gasp!) became so filthy rich and has a Beverly Hills mansion. The blog got hit and blacked out for a while, before stuttering back on Saturday. A little bit like Wayne Rooney in the kitchen.

On Saturday, the younger old man went to the home state of the old man and hammered the old man and his son. Get rid of trouble-makers before we lose the next election, he thundered. This is more important than Kulim international airport (gasp!). This was in front of the old man’s son (gasp!). A couple of people dug up some old history about the old man and his projects and wastage (gasp!).

On Sunday the old old man and the younger old man sat together in public with a stiff young man beside them, the same young man sidelined for a while (gasp!) by the old man’s son (gasp!). Back in the old man’s home state, the old man’s son said, No, that younger old man and I are still the best of friends (gasp!).

Also on Sunday, a princely old man said “It’s all about money and projects, you know.” (Gasp!).

The story continues…


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