Bersih front pages – Malay papers

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Not surprisingly, Mingguan Malaysia could find nothing clean about Bersih. Berita Minggu and Kosmo took the same approach. Sinar Harian also saw the negative points. More surprising was Metro Ahad who didn’t think Bersih was exciting enough.


Idiot’s guide on how to run a successful money-making newspaper

Round Two, redux

Now everyone can run a newspaper

By Gobind Rudra

  • Start small. Hire idealistic idiot journalists who’ll work for peanuts
  • Hire out-of-work old hands who’ll work for peanuts
  • Sell sex and sensation
  • Sell any old politics: nobody pays attention to mosquito papers
  • Sell cheap, at a discount to others
  • Repeat as circulation grows and people start paying attention
  • Become more serious. Preach ideals
  • Hire a few more idealistic idiot journos who’ll work for a few extra peanuts
  • Repeat as circulation grows
  • Turf out idealistic idiot journos. Hire journos who know better
  • Sell political PR and marketing PR
  • Watch the ads roll in
  • Get listed on the stock exchange
  • Turf out idealistic idiots who want to do journalism
  • Hire marketing-friendly writers. Anyone can write. Give bigger peanuts.
  • Watch the ads roll in.
  • Get a datukship. Cash out with stock options
  • Sneer at journalists who want to be journalists
  • Play golf all day

Life is good if you play the game

Journalism? You want journalism? Don’t be an idiot.

Gobind Rudra used to be a newspaper editor. He doesn’t golf.
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