Bottoms up on what Umno members think

• 52% of Umno members say there is corruption in the government

• 47% say vote-buying among Umno office-bearers is a problem

• 33% say Umno doesn’t take the public’s views seriously

• 13% say Umno is too Malay-centric

• 83% say Umno should be for all Malaysians, not just Malays only

And for a perverse contradiction, how about these two points, left out by the NST:

• 70% felt Malay rights were threatened by other ethnic groups

• Only 2% supported ending cronyism and nepotism

All that came from Merdeka Centre’s opinion poll of Umno members at the party general assembly in November.

What you got instead, from the NotStraitsTimes (top) and the Malaysian Insider (above) on the last day of the year, amidst hoopla about the Noughties, was a lot of hoopla about the 1Najib Tun Razak.

The hagiographic treatment, of how highly Umno members rate the 1Najib Tun Razak, is understandable for the NotStraitsTimes living up faithfully if somewhat sheepishly to its role as Pyongyang Gazette West — or His Master’s Voice (with apologies to EMI).

But it came off strangely sounding somewhat stilted in the Insider.

Perhaps they were trying to make up for pointing out a negative positive the last time out when Rocky flailed them for not choosing to highlight a positive negative. (Or was that the other way round?) Maybe trying out a little insurance to prop up the devil you know against the devil you don’t in Muhyiddin (“For Race, Religion and Nation”) Yassin.

But since both papers wrote similar-sounding stories on the same poll, it only remains to point out as some editors sometimes will — a tiresome lot aren’t they all — that the bloody story’s buried in the bloody bottom la.

Or in the last four pars. Take your pick, really.

For that’s where those bullet points above were taken. From the bottom up, which is where you’ll find them in the NotStraitsTimes on the last day of the ninth year of the first decade of the third millenium.

Naughty Noughty.

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Niamah! Whacked again

Aiyah why liddat one?Caption writing, headline writing, subbing and proofreading all got whacked in Patrick Teoh’s blast at the Daily Red for a few silly boo-boos.

Niamah doesn’t like the feel-good propagandistic-stuff everyone has to shove down the throat of readers, viewers and listeners every August.

Who does?

Believe or not, Patrick, stuff like this gets into print or on air sometimes accompanied with a (shhh! don’t say) half-muttered Arghh, summo bladdy boolsheet ah.

He’s right to sound off about the rotten grammar. Somebody in the newsroom will have done that too. But there’s nothing wrong with the Daily Red’s headline. Continue reading