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Nah. Layman talks about religion: ‘PAS hudud not found in Quran’

Tue 2015-Mar-24 @ MYT 12:28:51 pm

Who the hell is that arrogant prick Khalid Bakar
to decide what we should think or say?

The IGP, continuing his vendetta against civil rights lawyer Eric Paulsen, had him arrested the other day for posting four remarks questioning whether hudud could be fairly implemented. The IGP was quoted by Rakyat Post, in his usual schoolboy school-monitor arrogance, as saying: “Who is Eric Paulsen to talk about hudud?”

Same thing about Khalid Bakar. Who the hell is Khalid Bakar to pass judgement about other people’s views about hudud or anything else. He’s just a bloody policeman. And I’m not sure even a good one. (Is there such a thing in PDRM as a good policeman?)

A layman who speaks sense

Nah. Here’s a layman talking about religion, and questioning hudud.

Blogger: PAS Hudud not found in Quran
Free Malaysia Today
March 22, 2015

Syed Akbar Ali says no ‘hudud’ law in Quran, occurs 14 times as limits of social behaviour.

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular blogger and political critic Syed Akbar Ali has challenged religious scholars to explain the difference between the use of the term “hudud” in the Quran and “hudud” as used by PAS for criminal punishments.

Writing in his blog OutSyed the Box, he republished an old article and said the word occurred in only 14 verses of the Quran and were used only in relation to social behaviour and domestic relationships, and not in the legal sense as used by PAS. Read more…

Farewell, Mr Lee

Mon 2015-Mar-23 @ MYT 22:57:50 pm

A special edition of the Straits Times was published at about 10am on Monday morning, a few hours after the death of Mr Lee. This is the free special digital edition which the Straits Times made available for download.

PAS untuk semua?

Thu 2015-Mar-19 @ MYT 17:26:28 pm

In PAS, a study of arrogance and ignorance

When they lost Kedah [n 2013] PAS crawled back to what it knows best – an Islamic state in its only possession – Kelantan. This, in a nutshell, is PAS’s arrogance and ignorance.

It lost Terengganu and Kedah after one term, because it focused on puritanical Islamic governance, the need for criminal punishment and never on what the electorate wanted in a government – a fair, just and clean administration.

It is also the same in Kelantan, a state the Islamist party has kept more due to the sheer force of its late spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat’s personality and simple lifestyle rather than having or enforcing hudud laws. Read more…

Reporter sacked for story about First Lady

Wed 2015-Mar-18 @ MYT 01:01:01 am

Sorry to disappoint you, this is not the First Lady you were thinking about.

Mexican Journalist Is Fired After Report About First Lady
The New York Times
MEXICO CITY — One of Mexico’s best-known journalists, who exposed a possible conflict of interest involving the first lady’s purchase of a house from a government contractor, was fired on Sunday in a dispute that defenders see as an act of retaliation and an attack on press freedom.

The journalist, Carmen Aristegui, has a long record of exposing the foibles of the elite in an often brusque, opinionated manner — as well as clashing with her bosses. She was dismissed as a host on MVS Radio, one of the country’s most popular morning news and talk radio shows.

MVS officials said she was fired after she threatened to quit if they did not reinstate two members of her investigative team. Ms. Aristegui and the two reporters first reported in November that the first lady, Angelica Rivera, was buying a house on credit from a contractor doing business with the government. She later agreed to end the deal, though the president’s office said there was no wrongdoing and no conflict of interest under Mexican law.

The two reporters were fired last week for using the station’s brand in promoting a new web initiative, Mexicoleaks, to collect tips and leaks about government and political corruption. The site, which began operating last week, has reported receiving several tips.
» Mexican journalists fired after report about First Lady


Text of what Nurul Izzah said in Parliament

Tue 2015-Mar-17 @ MYT 15:21:22 pm

The so-called ‘contemptuous remark’ about judges

Full text of draft Hansard for 10th February
Her speech starts on Page 68 and the relevant portion is at Page 70

Nurul Izzah Anwar was arrested on Monday “for her contemptuous remarks about the judiciary having sold their souls to the devil” according to a late-night statement by the inspector-general of police. His statement, unusually only in English, said she would be released after her statement was recorded — but his statement, issued at 10.30pm, came hours after Nurul Izzah had made a statement at Dang Wangi, then was taken to Jinjang police lock-up.

She would spend the night in the lock-up before being released this morning.

The inspector-general, Khalid Bakar, did not say in his statement whether the police action against her “contemptuous remark” was because she had spoken at the Kita Lawan rally in KL city centre outside Sogo, or in Parliament on Tuesday where she had delivered her father’s remarks to Parliament. A transcript of her speech in Parliament is recorded in Hansard, the official parliamentary record (copy posted above).

Her father, Anwar Ibrahim, was taken to jail in February to serve a five-year term on a sodomy charge after the Federal Court overturned his acquittal.

The man who filed the police report

A police report was filed against Nurul Izzah on Friday, and police acted the next day sending four policemen to her house on Saturday night while she was away.

The complaint had been made by syariah lawyer Zulkifli Noordin, a former member of Anwar’s Parti Keadilan Rakyat who was dismissed from the party after making a police report against Khalid Samad of PAS, the MP for Shah Alam, for supporting the right of Christians to use the word Allah, and publicly criticising Lim Guan Eng, secretary-general of DAP.

He switched sides again to Umno and at the 2013 general election, was fielded by the Barisan Nasional against Khalid Samad in Shah Alam and was defeated by 11,000 votes.

He is a vice-president of the Malay First ultra-rightwing pressure group Perkasa, led by Ibrahim Ali, and whose patron is Mahathir Mohamad.


Police search Nurul Izzah’s home before release

Tue 2015-Mar-17 @ MYT 14:18:37 pm

Nurul Izzah with policewomen at her home this morning. [Rakyat Post]

Sivarasa says police acted illegally, says ‘something will happen’

After keeping Nurul Izzah Anwar overnight at Jinjang lock-up, police drove her home and searched the house for a copy of her speech in Parliament, in which she had criticised the judiciary, before releasing her.

Supporters at a vigil outside Jinjang police station on Monday night

Her lawyer, Sivarasa Rasiah, who was at the house, said: “They were searching for a copy of the speech which they could have easily obtained yesterday had they asked, as we will have given it to them.” Sivarasa said.

He said the transcript of the speech was part of Hansard (the official parliamentary record of debates) and Sivarasa said Nurul Izzah was considering legal action against the police.

“You can expect something to happen pretty soon,” he said, according to the Rakyat Post.


» Text of what Nurul Izzah said in Parliament

» Umno lapdog IGP lied to public about Nurul Izzah, says Sivarasa

» State Dept condemns arrest of Nurul Izzah


Nurul Izzah freed, no further remand

Tue 2015-Mar-17 @ MYT 13:32:30 pm
Outside court today: Nurul Izzah afer being released without further remand. [Malaysiakini photo]

Nurul Izzah afer being released without further remand. [Malaysiakini photo]

Nurul Izzah Anwar was freed on police bail at about 1pm without being further remanded, Malaysiakini reports. She had spent the night in Jinjang lockup after the police had arrested her for her involvement in the Kita Lawan rallies to free her father, and for remarks she had made about the judciary.

Police had driven her to her residence without going to magistrate’s court this morning to seek an extension of her remand. Late last night, the Inspector-General of Police had said she would be freed after her statement was taken. But her lawyer said the investigating officer had told him his instructions from “higher-ups” had been to put her in remand and to seek further remand.

Nurul Izzah’s arrest made international headlines, and drew a response from the US State Department, which expressed serious concern about freedom of expression, rule of law, and the independence of the judicial system; the US urged Malaysia to apply the rule of law fairly, transparently, and apolitically.

MIC Youth chief C Sivarajjh said Nurul Izzah’s “broke the camel’s back for me” and added that “something must have gone wrong somewhere”.


Sivarasa: IGP lied to the public about Nurul Izzah’s arrest



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