A plea to the Malay people: choose new leaders

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By Hussein Hamid
Dec 13, 2011
I am ashamed of being Malay. Ashamed because of the deeds and actions taken by UMNO in the name of the Malays. These Malays do more damage to the Malays at large than to themselves. Malay leaders whose idea of being great is having the latest model Mercedes and living in mansions paid for by their thieving of the people’s money and taking actresses or singers for their wives and mistresses!

It pains me to see the Malays like this. It pains me even more when the most concerned of people are not the Malay leaders but the other races who are witness to the Malay fall from grace. The non Malays worry for the Malays more than the Malay leaders… Let us all realize that we are all in this together. What the Malays are now enduring the other races are also enduring and we can only get out of this impasse by working together.

My fellow Malays look around you and ask yourself why we are now like this? We allow our leaders to engage in gutter politics! Today it is about using religion to threaten and cow the other races into treading softly in their own country on pain of being branded anti Islam and anti Malays.

Takkan Melayu hilang di dunia!

Let me tell you Malays this. We Malays were never on the world stage! The Chinese were. The Indians were. Not the Malays. So please wake up from the UMNO induced slumber that our people have been in for so long. Our Malay Prime Minister today does not have half the respect the Malay Penghulu used to have in the days when the Penghulus in the kampongs were leaders of the Malays in the rural areas.

It is time we Malays cast aside these useless Malay leaders that live off our ethnicity to only further their own vested interests not that of the Malays. They are Malay leaders amongst us now that can provide us with an enlightened leadership to take not only the Malays but also all Malaysians towards a better Malaysia.
Hussein Hamid

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3 thoughts on “A plea to the Malay people: choose new leaders

  1. Very sadly, the real good-mannered,humble,honest malays of my time almost sudah hilang dari bumi, replaced by those hypocrites who are always shouting wanting to defend the rich and powerful only, for obvious reasons, and enjoy bullying the minorities into submission.And these opportunists are working hand-in-hand with the opportunists non-malay tycoons to cari duit together. They labelled themselves as penjuang agama dan bangsa but in reality, they are penjuang duit.That’s why most non-malays are sick and tired of such hypocrite politicians and hopefully, the malays in general have come to realise how to separate the real good malay politicians and those hypocrites who drive big cars, live in great mansions, expensive glittery wears,girlfriends aplenty, clowning around. Only the malays themselves CAN get rid of these parasites, the minority non-malays have given up literally (migrating/sending kids away).

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