Do’s and don’ts: the Bersih rally-goer’s guide

What to bring

  • Identity Card
  • Cash – between RM50 to RM100, small notes, for light shopping to excite small businesses along the rally route
  • Salt in small packets – to neutralize the effect of tear gas and to avoid yourself from choking should you inhale it.
  • Towel or cloth – in case sprayed with chemicals
  • Pen and Notepad – to take down policeman’s name and ID number, and questions asked by police if arrested.
  • Camera, Video Camera, Smart Phone – remember to water-proof them with a plastic bag.
  • A bottle of water or isotonic drink.
  • Some chocolate bars – to revitalise yourself if you need to run for it
  • Personal medical necessities – inhalers, diabetic medicine, insulin medicine etc.
  • Some basic first aid such as plasters

Things to do

  • Inform someone you’re attending Bersih 3.0 rally – family members or friends
  • Password protect your phone.
  • Use public transport such as buses, trains, LRT, monorail – roads to the rally area could have been closed
  • Make friends with others going to Bersih by bus, train, LRT, monorail: you need teamwork, help and tips
  • Follow instructions; identify your Field Commander; move in groups.
  • Keep cool – don’t provoke police or DBKL


  • Don’t provoke police or DBKL. The worst thing is you get arrested. Lawyers are already at police stations for any early arrests.


  • Jewellery – leave your Rolex and gold bracelets at home.
  • Wallet or purse – roll up your cash and your IC with a rubber band and keep it in your front pocket.
  • Slippers or high heels
  • Sharp or dangerous objects
  • credit cards
  • Expensive watches
  • Notebook computrers
  • and whatnot.

» from the Bersih survival kit



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  2. This new weapon that the police will use is a high pitch device which is placed on top of some traffic lights,it will caused discomfort to your ears,I ‘d suggest you bring along ear plugs,eg like swimmers ear plug or F1 ear plugs n I would like to suggest that someone bring along a catapult to dislodge that device,break the transmitter n out goes it’s purpose,use catapult only for the above purposes,never to attack the authority.Goodluck to all and Bersih Dataran Merdeka for ever.

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