Nurul Izzah the ‘brightest, and future PM’

This is the face of Malaysia’s brightest young woman politician, and future prime minister, in the words of opposition senior statesman Lim Kit Siang last night. Speaking at a grand DAP fund-raising dinner and the launch of the Pakatan Rakyat’s election preparations, Kit Siang dramatically hailed PKR’s vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar as destined to be Malaysia’s first woman prime minister.
Nurul Izzah and PAS deputy president Mohamed Sabu were special guests at the dinner and rally as the coalition steps up their campaign to take power in the federal government at the next general election. DAP deputy secretary-general P Ramasamy said his guess was that it might be held in May or June.
Nurul Izzah was a centre of attention as DAP supporters and friends swarmed around to have themselves photographed with her. » Video

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5 thoughts on “Nurul Izzah the ‘brightest, and future PM’

  1. If thats the plan of the leaders in Pakatan, please involve her more in this coming election for her to gain more exposure big time. The veterans in Pakatan should start guiding and grooming her.

  2. I have said so myself a long time ago,you can always check.Would like to see LGE as Deputy n also Finance Minister,while the council of elders headed by PAS Pak Nik would guide the young PM,that would be something worth fighting for.

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